The Most Important Question in the World

21514-bigthumbnailI can remember knowing the Love of God from the time I was a little girl.  Most likely this is the reason why I have difficulty seeing things from the atheist point of view, and to be honest I am rather glad for that.  I mean, I would like to understand where these people are coming from so as to better reach them, but that is the only reason I have any curiousity at all.  It amuses me too when they say to me “why not check things out from our viewpoint” as if, after coming to a knowledge of the truth, I could or would even want to chuck all that knowledge out the window.  Er, thanks but no.  I cannot remember a time when God’s comforting hand of protection was not covering my own, teaching me                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              to write by forming the letters for me as I learned by memorising what it felt like to make certain shapes or letters.  He taught me everything in this manner, even more esoteric things like learning to forgive and learning to love those who didn’t love me.

And for a child who was rejected and neglected completely by her parents I think of the wonders of God’s goodness in protecting me from the sad fate of being a poisoned and bitter person.  No, quite the opposite; the more cruel people were to me the more love I showed them.  They responded by thinking and even mentioning that I was obviously dull in the mind…After all, it is foolhardy to love those who hate you and stupid to care about those who couldn’t give a fig about you.

Isn’t it?

According to the “wisdom of the world” it is stupid.  But let us remember that God hates the wisdom of the world.  In fact, the little girl who was “dull in the mind” by worldly standards had already read and understood the Book of Genesis by the time she was four.

How do I know that God was always with me?  I guess I could answer that in any number of ways…and since people are so very skeptical I think I will mention them all.  In the first place, very often we know when we have been in the presense of someone by the absense of them when they are not there.  Picture loving someone with all your heart, and losing them when they die.  You know that you have loved them and feel their absense so acutely that very often you aren’t able to function when that person is gone.  The grieving process leaves such a huge vacuum in your heart that you never doubt that person”s reality.  Knowing God is a lot like that.  When one has become acustommed to feeling His presense in your life, the times when He removes Himself from your presense for whatever reason leave you feeling an agony of Spirit which you would otherwise never have known.  Let me give you an example…

When I was seventeen my brother Mark was diagnosed with  Coreocarcinoma, after first misdiagnosing him with Hodgkin’s Disease, if I am not mistaken.  Now my brother was the only relative I had left, except for my father who absolutely hated my brother and I, and we only discovered this after the suicide of our mother.  When my brother finally succumbed to death, (something I had never had any real experience with, at my young and so forth) it was more terrible than anything that I could possibly have imagined.  After being heavily sedated by the staff at the hospital, and having gone to the funeral during which they opened his coffin against my express wishes, I was just flying wreckage.  I decided to go to the beach to pour out my heart to the Lord.  When I got there, I  sat down and decided that I was absolutely not going to leave umntil I had heard from the Lord.  My heart and spirit were in ruins, and I had no strength anymore.  All of all that “pulling myself up by my own bootstraps” had practically killed me: there wasn’t an ounce of anything left…Or so I  thought.  As I poured myself out to God, sobbing and trying to convey the total lack of resources  my own devastation kept coming up,. over and over.    I was not going to be able to continue, alone and without any resources in the world.

I begged God to take my life too.  After all, what could possibly keep me going at this point?

It was then that God poured Himself into me, I mean in a spiritual sense but also in a very discernable and physical one too.  This was the God of the Universe, He who made the Galaxies and Rainbows, who had emptied me of myself and filled me with Himself.  I was incredulous…how could this be?  Was I to understand that this God cared about me to the point of being personally involved in my life?  I did not know it then, but in the years since that experience God has shown me that he cares not only about the majour traumas in our lives but in the minutae as well.  There have been times when I have lost something like my keys or my glasses, and when I call out “Lord, I know that you know where they are?”  He answers me right away!   And immediately He shows me where they are.  I have discovered that our Lord cares, and cares so much that there is nothing so small that it escapes His notice.  What a comfort this has been for me, knowing that I am loved with a perfect love, and not by some imperious God who can’t wait to find an excuse to toss me into hell…(and believe me, He wouldn’t have to look very far)  but by a “Daddy” or “Abba” who actually does care whether I get the beige dress or the ecru one.  He cares so much that He will never take His hand of protection off of you, He will keep you walking in faith right up to the end, and that no matter what happens He will keep you from poisoning yourself with hatred for another.  When He chose you from before the foundation of the world,  He already knew every sin you had commited or would commit, and so there is nothing you can do which will cause Him to   throw His Mighty Hands in the air and say “Oh forget it.  This one is just too much for Me, I simply do not have anymore patience for this one.”

No, that is not the way God operates.  He Loves you so much that He took the punishment that you deserved and took it upon Himself.  He made a way when their was no way to blot out your trangsressions.  Oh no?  (Laughing)  The Fall of Man did not take Him by surprise.  He knew that this was undoubtedly going to require serious action on His part to redeem that which was lost.  Now He could have very simply have just decided to wipe us off the face of the earth again, without remedy.  Yet God does have tremendous love for us…which we can never know about unless He initiates the relationship.  Yes, this is not a popular Christian doctine but it is nevertheless true.  But if He did not withhold His own Beloved Son’s death to reconcile us to Himself, what will He not also give us?

If you hear Him calling to you, heed His mighty voice…You may get one, two, and three chances with Him…and you may get a thousand chances.    These are things which the human heart has not been given to know.  However, God has revealed much about Himself to us through His revealed will, the Holy Bible.

With so much at stake, how can you take chances with your immortal soul?   Isn’t it worth at least investigating?  Ask yourself this, how could so many people over the last two thousand years have followed a humble carpenter who died the death of a common thug if He is not really who He claims to be?  It may seem like a small thing to you, but how you answer this question is that which everything else in life hinges upon.

So, who is Jesus Christ to you?

Please, do not be careless with your immortal soul.  You are going to live forever, and the important question is where?  You may think we are mad, but how could so many people share the same delusion?  No, no, my friend.  This is a most important issue you will ever be faced with: and like Pilate you now hold Jesus in your hands.  What are you going to do with Him?          




11 Responses to “The Most Important Question in the World”

  1. Juliet, you are indeed a blessing here! As you know I have just knocked on His door and I am just starting to walk into His beautiful garden here to explore all the flowers and plants of His creation. That large empty spiritual feeling that used to be like a gaping chasm is slowly filling up and shrinking as I walk around in His world. Your words really bring out the Love of God for us all, rather than the typical view of a vengeful and vindictive God here.

    If I can only experience a fraction of His love that has sent you to help and guide you through this tragic period of your young life, and has continued to help you all the way through your life too, then it will be enough for me. I have waited long enough to start this journey and don’t intend to stop and turn back now. I know I have many more steps to take and walk, but with His love I know that He will support and love me too when I too feel low, weak and helpless.

    And you are far from dull in the mind Juliet. This dullness only comes from the atheists whose eyes have been darkened so that they cannot see the shining light of God’s love that surrounds and protects you in your life.

    Thank you for sharing these very hard and emotional times in your life with us all to show God’s love here for us all if we care to lift off that veil and knock on His door.

    You are surely a truly blessed child of God here Juliet.

    God Bless you. You are a true inspiration to us all.

  2. Hi thanks for a great post. I’ll be back 🙂

  3. “There have been times when I have lost something like my keys or my glasses, and when I call out “Lord, I know that you know where they are?“ He answers me right away!”

    So why doesn’t he answer me?
    Why doesn’t he answer billions of other people?

    I went through an experience very similar to the one you describe and I poured out my soul to God. Just like you I prayed for him to end my life and just like you I prayed for him to just show me a sign that he existed. I did this every single night for years, and not once did he show me a sign. As a result my faith crumbled and vanished. I could cope with hard times if I just knew that there was someone there watching over me, but God gave me nothing.
    Why is your faith so much more important in the eyes of God than mine? Why are you deserving of a personal sign strong enough to save your faith but I’m not?

    You say that you know God exists because your own personal experience, but what of the personal experience of billions of other people? What of my personal experience of complete and utter abandonment? Why is your personal experience so much more important than mine?

    I still pray to God a couple of times every year, just in case I’m wrong, just to say “if you’re really out there and you’re willing to take me back then nothing would make me happier, just give me a sign”, and not once has he done so.

    If God loves all of us then why has he decided to save your immortal soul by giving you a sign of his existence, but damn mine by refusing to do so?

    • Wherever did you get the idea that you are damned? The only thing that could damn you is the refusal to come to Christ for forgiveness of your sins, and take Him as your Lord. As far as the experiences I have had, I don’t know why the Lord has been so good to me, and I am not about to question it. I do realise that I am not the average bear, because I have had Pastors who refused to believe the things that God has shown me. All I can say is that you sound bitter, and that isn’t a good place to be coming from. Let Christ heal you, and you will be renewed in spirit and refreshed in your soul.
      “Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest”….He says and He will do it.

  4. […] When I was seventeen my brother Mark was diagnosed with Coreocarcinoma, after first misdiagnosing him with Hodgkin’s Disease , if I am not mistaken. Now my brother was the only relative I had left, except for my father who absolutely … Continued here:  The Most Important Question in the World « Julietsm’s Blog […]

  5. The air we breath, the trees we see, the ocean we feel, and the tears we cry are all proof of God’s existence. The proof of God’s love was demonstrated for all human beings in the life and death of His Son, Jesus.

    Who are we to say we need more than the death of His Son to prove anything to us? I certainly have no right to question why things are better for others in certain ways….maybe it has something to do with me?

  6. Well………….you are a ‘long’ way from my Grandmother’s Daily Devotion Book from the West Side Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, Evansville, Indiana 1965!!!! But I will forge into this………Perhaps you should devote a day or two to a (blog) discussion (work thru) of the Book of Genesis. You may have worthwhile insights for your readers….There is a great deal of often overlooked information in Genesis that might stir changes in a perons’ soul. Without minimizing your life experience (and at this point I have read very little)… concerns me that some ‘damage – hurt’ still lingers. If we truly believe Jesus, these issues should have fled your soul long ago!!! I encourage you to find a ‘casting off’ prayer, vigil, or ritual. I often just let things drain from my heart…….i see a small river (wihich may be the Holy Spirit) just lifting the toubles and concerns out of my chest, and dispersing them into the wind…….I even insist that whatever challenge, bitterness, anger, or other negative influence there, be given to God, and just taken away………i will not even recognize them (they appear as black clouds, or gray blobs to me) or ackowledge them. I insist they know they don’t belong here, and must get out………it seems to help me…..I hope it does others now………I have never really told any one about this ‘spiritual exercise’ program of mine…..!!! Perhaps I can get Jane Fonda to do a video!!!!!

    I know our existence here is some kind of refection of our actions in the first earth age (you may have heard the Hebrew word catabo before). I am sure your life events are a reflection of this ‘veiled’ history. You must have been some strong support for our Father, to have warranted such an attack from Satan in this life……perhaps overcoming can be counted as some kind of badge of honor?? This seems to be all I should say right now, but I wish to discuss your brother at some point (as I suffered, and may still suffer) from the same illness. He took a look at this world, and chose to return to the Father in Paradise. It must have been a correct choice for him, or the Father would not have allowed it. You should have a sense of great rejoicing about that……….it may have been a bit of selfishness on your part(?), that was frightened without his close presence in this world age. He is still standing right next to you (in a different dimension) and probably helps you frequently, if you are aware enough to recognize it……..but perhaps i venture to much in a first post……..we will work to figure things out in time…………….best wishes

    • Well of course I am a long way from your Grandmother’s devotional, since we live in a different era and so forth. However, may I first point out that you read an article and not the devotional here? This was my attempt at showing that with the love of God, everything is surmountable.
      And I do not think there is a lot of lingering ‘damage’ here, but quite the opposite. Of course, in my own strength I would be bitter, so I think perhaps you missed the point. It isn’t as though I dwell on the past, but I think there is value in our experiences, and the people who know me know that I am very loving and forgiveing, so this is all truth and nothing but.
      Herein lies the dilemna: in order to write about the past one must, by the very nature of your act, ‘go back’ in time and relive it, which I have here done with the view of showing to people that God has a medicine, i.e. His love, to cure every ill.
      I feel as though if this is what you came away with, then perhaps I should abandon writing altogether.

  7. wow, may I just say that this has to be the most prevocative entry, truly, this is like you said, “Calvanism for dummies” haha anyway-people like to rip on Calvanism but guess what children-if Martin Luther and John Calvin hadn’t of came to their senses, we still would have been living in the Anti-Christ system of Catholocism! the “whore of Babylon” if Jesus hadn’t done the substitutional attonment, where have we all be? precisely, there’s a quote by Calvin himself,
    “a dog barks when his master is attacked, I would be a COWARD to hear God’s truth being attacked, and would remanin silent.” are these the words of a corrupt Satan follower? no, I tell you what is, it’s bad enough we have denominations among the Christians[ Pentacostals, Baptists, Lutehrans, Methodists,] etc. but to more so prevoke and divide the body of Christ is truly an act of Satan! WHO is an apostle of Jesus Christ, and would want to divide his people against eachother? when Jesus returns a second time, he is not coming for the Church made of walls, he is coming for the ones who dillegently followed him! Calvanism is one of the first reformations against the Catholic idolators of Rome and Europe. even John and Martin and all protestant reformers shouted with one large voice that the whole dynasty of Popes fulfills prophecy, that they are the spirit of the Anti-Christ! Martin Luther could not have done any of this on his own, he was supported by the Calvanists. glory be to the son of *man. truly he is good, I hope tha you all see the “great light” Jesus spoke of. call upon him NOT religion! “I tell you the truth, unless your righteoussness is greater than that of the religios Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven!”
    anyway, Juliet, wonderful post! I would love to open up a page, I want to discuss matters on here as well.

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