Thought for Today: Tuesday, March 10

17940-bigthumbnail“I am the vine, and you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit.  Apart from Me you can do nothing”

John 15:5

I see people walking around every day that look as though they are alive, but they really aren’t.  The best way I can describe their condition is by comparing them to a branch which has been cut off from a tree.  When you first see the branch, the leaves are still green and it looks to be alive, but since it has been cut off from the source of life it will eventually whither and die.  Come back in a week, and you will see the leaves have turned brown and fallen off, and the branch appears to be dead.  It was dead the moment it was cut off from the tree!  We come into this world, and we are already dead.  The only thing that can give us life is Christ, because there is life in Him and in Him only.  Unless you have become a child of God and have been grafted back onto the vine, you are dead.

People say that “death is just a part of life”.  If that were so, why are we so afraid of it?  Why do we greive and mourn when someone we love dies?  Because death is unnatural, it was never meant to be “a part of life” and  in fact it is an abomination.  That is why we are so instictively horrified by it.  Yet unless one is born again into God’s family, we are dead and nothing and nobody can bring the dead to life except for God, who can do all things.

As you go about your day today, think about what miracle has been wrought in we who believe…we have been given life and that eternal.  And we know that this is purely graciousness on the part of God.  We have been rebels and sinners all, and no matter what we try to do on our own, we can never take away our own uncleanness.  Who can make that which is filthy clean again?  Our Lord Jesus Christ died so that by His blood we can be made clean again!

I encourage you to read John 15 in its entirety today, and to meditate on all that Jesus died to give us.  To be forgiven is one thing, but to be made alive with Christ and his co-heirs no less: that is too good to be true!  And yet true it is, if you are a branch on the vine of Life, the sustainer and creator of all things: the Lord Jesus Christ; you are a co-heir of our Lord, and our inheritance is an eternal one.

Our Father gives not as the world gives, and our wondrous resurrection from the dead can never be taken away from us, because we have been sealed with the Holy Spirit and belong to our Father, who will never let go of us.  Let us live and conduct ourselves in this world as though just passing through…and though it is right and proper that we should do good while we are here to bring glory to God, let us never forget that we are no longer dead, but alive forever, with the Lord and His people.  We are on the way to our true home, where we will no longer be corrupted by the ravages of time and sin and the flesh.

Let us meditate on these things and offer our praises to God, for the wonderful gift of life which we have received.  Let us strive to bring honour to the name of Christ and be grateful for the most precious gift that one can ever receive.



6 Responses to “Thought for Today: Tuesday, March 10”

  1. Thanks for the note about your new post! It is interesting in the Grapevine reference. My grandmothers childhood church was the Grapevine Christian Church in Madisonville, KY. It is a metaphor I have long admired. You may have noticed my other YOUTUBE page, where I am currently building my imaginary skating club, the Grapevine Skating Club of Villa Rica. ( Many skaters have a grapevine experience…….but they all truly know they belong on the vine!

    There are many scriptural references to ‘agricultural’ themes. We, as Christians in daily life, are indeed the Shepherds of the fields, the tenders of the vines, and the sowers of seeds. While we are not the great ‘tresher’, I encourage people to winnow and thresh their lives. Separate the wheat from the chaff, and you can often improve the quality of your life. I think there is a great quote in Julius Caesar (Shakespeare)…….To do and to bear, that is the duty of life!!!!

    Keep marketing your thoughts. You are sowing mustard seeds (the tiniest of seeds)………………but where would the hot dog be without mustard!

    best wishes

  2. Excellent piece and very good food for thought here Juliet. Your clear words and writings offer much to those who wish to seek and find this eternal life in God and Christ.

    Keep up the excellent works of spreading God’s love for us all through your words.

    You are truly a blessed sister and friend,

    Love, Gus : )

    I look forward to reading more of your words!

  3. Absolutely wonderful, what a blessing you are to me Juliet. Thank you for the daily devotinal and the uplifting writing where we can come for spiritual food and nurishment for the day. You are doing a great job so keep it up.

  4. awwww well, doesn’t Juliet look so pretty? 🙂
    alrhough due to your youtube picture I imagined you with dark hair haha
    hehe I love you sister.

  5. LOL…hello there! Here I am sis! Great blog!
    Here’s my Blog:
    I used to be Goth, so one of my outreaches is to the Christian Gothic community!

    In Christ

    • Interesting.
      I too was a goth for many years.
      I have a new obsession now, one which will never change, as He never changes.
      Soli Deo Gloria!


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