Thought for Today: Wednesday, March 11

cross-in-heavenly-sky5Today I sought to tackle some of the more difficult themes of predestination and God’s effectual call to those whom He has chosen from eternity past, and whilst listening to the daily message of John MacArthur, I was surprised that his message was exactly the one that I had thought to do for my devotional.

I seriously doubt that I could improve upon his message, and so I am passing it along to you.

I pray that you will receive his message, and I also pray for God’s blessings upon all who pass this way.¬† Have a wonderful day, and I will be back tomorrow, (laughing) barring of course that the same thing should happen again!

Love from julietsm


2 Responses to “Thought for Today: Wednesday, March 11”

  1. May God Bless You! Keep on preaching the Word of God. I see great work here and awesome writting skills for Christ’s Glory


  2. Hey Jewels, Tali is refuring to your entire writings and devotional so far and just posted on this one I would guess. I agree, I told you long ago of your great talent the Lord has givin to you and I know you are already aware of it and want so desprately to use it for the Lords Glory. I think you are doing so great and I am proud of you.

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