The Hiatus is Over…

18648-thumbnailUnfortunately, i have been very ill, but the fact is that i am getting better and stronger every day.  Its time to get back to work.  I have been asking the Lord for direction ever since the end of my second marriage, and knew that there was something very specifacally that He wanted me to do.  I am now quite certain that he intends for me to write for Him.  Books.  Yikes!  I have years and years worth of journals, but writing books has always seemed to be something best left to the writers whose work i cherish, like C.S. Lewis.  What could i possibly have to say that he hasn’t already said, and far better then i ever could?  Nevertheless, the Lord has made it abundantly clear that writing is the thing He wants me to do for Him.  If that is what He wants from me: that is what He shall get from me!  So i fully intend to use this blog to learn by trial and error how to write for the Lord.

When i wrote ‘Remembering Barbie’, originally i used ficticious names, but a friend convinced me that by using my actual name and making it known that this is an actual event that occurred in my life it would be more powerful.  Later i became embarassed that perhaps it was only self-indulgant drivel that should never have seen the light of day.  That said, i have to admit that the only thing i can write about with total confidence are my own experiences with the Lord, and there have been a lot of them.  So no matter that some of what i write may seem to you as though i am only distastefully writing about things best left unspoken,  the motive is one of sharing the things which have actually happened to me: there have been pastors that claim that God no longer communicates with people in that manner anymore.  I am here to say that He does: and i am going to share all of my personal experiences to encourage you: He does speak to His children.  I have an idea that perhaps this has been drilled into the Christian mindset: God can only now  be known by His Word.  If that were so, then it would be impossible to have Jesus as your ‘personal’ Saviour, and it would reduce the Word of God to another object of our idolatry.

God can be found outside the pages of His Word.  If this were not so, I would never have been born again!  I came from a family of atheists and didn’t even know any Christians: all of the people who deigned to have anything to do with me were Jews.  I grew up in a time when it was a shameful thing to be a Jew, and all of the little Christian children treated me with utter disdain and i was excluded from all of their social events.

However, looking back over my life my Lord has been drawing me to Christ since childhood, He has spoken to my heart on many occasions, He has spoken to me through other people, and He has gone so far as to “Part the Red Sea” for me, and that more than once!

Yes, God does speak to His children.  If you are truly a child of God I would suggest spending time with Him in His Word and just by speaking to Him in an ongoing way: my dialogue with Him has been ongoing since as far back as i can remember.  He will talk to you: just be certain that you are listening.

All His, julietsm


3 Responses to “The Hiatus is Over…”

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Great to see you back after your illness Juliet. I know that the Lord has blessed you with this gift for you to be able to write these words that adorn your blog. As you will never be able to please or get praise from everybody (let’s face it even the best of authors all have their critics and detractors too), I know that the majority of people coming to read your pieces in your blog will find your words inspirational and a reflection of your experience of God’s love throughout your life, in all of the ways that He has spoken to you and assisted you through some dark and very painful times in your life too.

    If one cannot write about one’s own experiences here without being called self indulgent then the majority of autobiographies that have been written over the years need to be taken away off the bookshelves and burned for this. Can one only get a better reflection of a life if it is written by a third person? The answer clearly to this is no. After all, are you yourself not the best person to convey the real emotions, feelings, events and actions that occurred in your own life clearly as they happened?

    Yes, you may make mistakes in this learning process of the best way to write and tell these events of yours, but I think that this will be a very fine tuning process here Juliet, as I personally think your pieces hold up very well on a literary basis and style. I look forward as ever to reading more of your words Juliet and I just ask people that read your words to leave a short comment (either good or bad) on them too afterwards to be able to give you more feedback during this process too.

    Of course some people may not like the kind of material that you are writing about, but that in itself is always going to be the case here, as non-believers or sceptics will dismiss any words about God, Jesus or anything spiritual no matter how well written in prose or literature. Even Lewis himself (as good a writer that he was) suffered this type of dismissal during his lifetime and still continues to do to this day.

    Welcome back Juliet!

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