Coming Soon: Reformed Theology

17940-bigthumbnailFor those of you who appreciate my writing, I must apologise for having been gone for so long.  However, life being what it is there have been many unforseen events and problems which have deterred me from keeping up with my responsibilities, and for this I am truly sorry.  Right now I am working on a piece which is very near and dear to my heart, which has become a point of contention among Christians on Youtube.  I should have the final draft ready soon, and I sincerely hope that you will read it with an open mind if you are not one who holds to the doctrine, or if you have never heard of it, or if you do not know what it is.  There have been some who are trying to give those of us who hold to this view a bad name, and so I ask you as your sister in Christ to please keep an open mind and not let any preconceived notions you may have from reading my article first, digesting what I have written, and then making an informed decision about whether or not you are in agreement.

I will post links to several videos which may help you, along with links to sites which go into great detail about the matter.  I have been working very hard on this, so please understand that this is something which means a great deal to me and others who also believe that reformed theology is the most sound doctrine that has been revealed to man by the Holy Spririt.  It is not a cult or in any way deviates from the Word of God.  I will back up everything with Scripture.

Until I post the article, I pray that God will bless each and every one of you to the fullest measure, in all things forever.



8 Responses to “Coming Soon: Reformed Theology”

  1. Can’t wait for the piece my good friend. I know what ever topic your blogs are on they are very informative and well constructed too. Look forward to your next piece!

    Love, Gus : )

  2. Hi Juliet, here is the idol picture that I mentioned to you in this very article.

    Notice here the long haired woman with a beard that you are promoting as the christ that you worship.

    I point out your open and public rebellion against God and you then want nothing to do with me, removes me as your friend and block me from communicating with you.

    I see you also did not like that I took issue with you endorsing the false arminian gospel of Leonard Ravenhill. It’s such a shame when people who claim to follow Jesus have an outward form of love that they REALLY try hard to show everyone in their public messages but when a blood bought saint, who is concerned for her, tries to admonish her to repent of her open rebellion against the God she claims to love she shuns them and treats them as a piece of scum.

    Luke 6:22
    Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall SEPARATE you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man’s sake.

    Here is my reponse to your friend Erin. (whoever she is)

    So according to Erin, I am wrong, a legalist and a pharisee, and idol pics are fine.
    Your friend is a slanderer and a scripture twister.

    Paul was speaking of food and drink not idols!!!!

    And If I believe that Leonard Ravenhill was heretical for thinking that one can be a blood bought saint and not be obedient enough and then sent to hell for eternity I am a babe in Christ?

    Truly sad.

    Some friends you have.

    Gal 4:16 Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

    Are you on skype? we should talk, perhaps you should get to know me first before making character assumptions about me. if You want to, than please message me on my website or on youtube.

    Jesus is Lord!

    • In what way is Juliet or anyone else for that matter in open rebellion against God? Because they may use an artistic picture of Jesus in their blog, video or article?

      Do you seriously think that just having a picture of Christ in a blog or article on anything religious is idolatry? You really seriously think that people bow and pray to these images in adulation? I think you are been too naive here and simplistic.
      It is used as a symbol here and not as an idol per se. We know that this image is either ink on a page or pixels on a computer monitor and as such holds no special reverence other than what the image maybe trying to portray; love, pain, friendship, fellowship, etc. Nobody pays homage to the pictures as such here, so too condemn anyone for using any image of Christ is incorrect.

      From your stance here I take it you would be in favour of destroying all the images of Christ in all the artwork, stained glass windows or statues in the Churches and Cathedrals around the world, along with all the art work from the pre and post reformation eras too for the idolatrous images that they all hold?

      If so and thinking on this line also should we not also outlaw any other idolatrous symbol used by Christianity? Should not the Cross also be outlawed too? Is this not used in an even more idolatrous way too than any pictures of Christ to in your world view?

      I have yet to see any Christians that I know praise these pictures or images of Christ in any fashion that resembles idolatry. You are totally misguided in this issue here sadly and are taking it too extremes here.

    • You are no longer welcome here. No more posting for you.
      Save your Pharaseeism for the other pharasees.
      I suggest you do as your username says, and test all things.
      Further, yes there were several friends, I happened to mention just one in particular, not wishing to embarrass you.
      You have done a good job of embarrassing yourself though, Chris.

  3. Number one, that is not a woman in the picture.
    Number two, I do not worship pictures or anything other than the Living God.
    Number three, a very well-respected friend of mine told me that you are not someone I should involve myself with.
    Number four, for a stranger to come into my life and make all sorts of demands of me is not my idea of a good way to begin a friendship.
    I do not wish to give you offense, but you seem not to mind giving offense to me at all!
    I removed the Ravenhill video because at the end he called Finney a great saint, and therefore I could not in good conscience keep it.
    But as I said, you are a virtual stranger to me, and you send me pms with all sorts of judgements and demands of me.
    Like I said, not a good way to begin a friendship. And it isn’t as though I cannot take correction, but I do not see the problem with the picture in the Avatar and my friend is not a twister of Scripture nor a slanderer. She does not know who are you are, although I am sure she will now since you decided to be so public about everything.
    So… If I do not choose to be friends with someone that says I am in open rebellion to God I am… what, an enemy of God?
    I am not in open rebellion to God, that is YOUR belief. I have had a relationship with the Father since I was four years old, and for you to come along and tell me these things is really too much.
    Sola Dei Gloria!


    • Further, are you implying that I am not a blood-bought born again saint?
      You don’t know me.
      And going by all that I have read that you have written to me, I have no desire to know you.

  4. By advocating the primacy of Grace and the doctrine of predestination, the inherent danger in Calvinism is idolatry of a false God. Narcissists can easily convince themselves that they are the Elect; it is a straight route to false Pride. But, as we know from the Gospels, proclaiming one’s faith to the world does not even mean that one is a Christian. Words are empty, only actions count. A Christian is one who at least tries to follow Christ’s precepts, who can for example turn the other cheek and love their enemy. I see no love of one’s neighbor in Calvinism, only hostility and elitism. Worse yet, I see no humility, only false pride. The paradox is that such elitism contradicts the mercy of Grace. It is certain therefore that the false pride encouraged by Calvinism is a route direct to Hell.

    • I am a Calvinist obviously, and I think if you were to read some of my other articles you would see that I am a very loving person. I do try to follow Christ’s teaching and so do my Calvinist friends. What makes you think we don’t? Our doctrine comes straight from Scripture, and the people that I know are good Christians who love God and their fellow man.
      I do not have any pride, because I know that no good thing dwells in the flesh, and any good that I do is inspired by the Holy Spirit. How can a doctrine be hostile? It can’t. We abase ourselves as nothing and exalt the Most High God.
      I think perhaps you have been exposed to someone who is a bad example.
      I have had a relationship with God since I was a little girl, and He led me to Christ when I was in my late 20s. I do not hate anyone nor do I think that sin is something to take lightly. I am not going to hell, I have the assurance which God promises to give His children.

      It seems to me that perhaps you have misunderstood Calvinism. it is certainly more than a five-point system of theology, i.e. TULIP, and it is certainly more than the word “predestination”. When one is a child of God one knows it. I believe in the doctrine of grace because it is biblical. In fact, everything Calvin taught was biblical. Perhaps you should do some more homework?
      At any rate, May God bless you to the fullest measure in Christ Jesus our Lord,

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