Here are two websites which will furnish you with everything you need to know about the doctrines of grace, or Calvinism.

I must apologise, I had thought to write a treatise on Calvinism, and realised that better and more educated minds than mine have already done so.  I decided to do what I always do, and just shoot from the hip.  I have been more than a little disturbed by the schism which has been created by all the anti-Calvinism fervour on Youtube.  If you are a Youtuber than you know that which I speak of, and if you are not let me just say that there are a lot of people there who are not of like mind who have declared that we are not Christians.  The following article is just me doing what I always do,  writing about that which matters most…  to me.

Hopefully, it matters to you too.



4 Responses to “Prologue…”

  1. Hey Juliet, I love your blog! If you are interested in getting deeper into theology, I suggest picking up Wayne Grudem’s book “Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Bible Doctrine”. God bless you sister!

  2. Tim Ballentine Says:

    Juliet,I have spoken to you before on youtube and saw that you had a blog while visiting your page.I agree with everything that you have said,people hate the truth about God choosing them,I guess that they feel helpless when it comes to the salvation of their soul. When I finally believed the doctrine of Grace it rocked my whole world,I was angry with my pastor,but most of all I was angry at myself for not seeing it sooner.After it was settled in my mind I talked to my pastor about it and then was asked to leave the church, that my wife and I lead the music in for 10 yrs,he said it was because we were in leadership and we would be holding opposite views if someone came to us for adivise on salvation matters.The real reason was,I had caught him in a number of lies and had him on the speaker phone with three other church members present while he was spinning his yarns.We are just visiting other Churches right now and resting in the Lord,because we know that everything is working together for good for us.Please pray that we will hear God loud and clear as He leads us to our new destination. God Bless you and hope you’re feeling better. Your Bro in Christ ,Tim

    • Tim, I am so happy to see someone new at my blog. I have been having health issues, but I am well now and in fact am being so thoroughly blessed that I am walking on air.
      I am not surprised that you were asked to leave the church. Finding a church that teaches True Doctrine is exceedingly difficult now, as the secular humanists have taken over and decided to become “Christians”, although they still refuse to bow to God and have not taken off their crowns.
      This can be discouraging, but is all part of the great ‘falling away’ and its obvious that the end is nigh.
      There are more tares then there are believers, true children of God who exhalt Him and abase themselves as nothing.
      I will keep you in prayer, and hope you will do likewise. There is a lot of good spiritual food on the internet, but there is nothing like assembling together with other children of God and glorifying Him.
      Solus Christus!


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