Time Out

JulietDear Readers,

I am getting some things done which I have been putting off, like eye surgery which I have been avoiding.  I just wanted to let you know that I have not abandoned my blog.

I should have a couple of new articles up by the beginning of August.

I appreciate everyone who supports my blog; both those who comment and those who just read it.

*Btw, I do plan on making videos for Youtube, but even still shall not abandon my blog, because it is important to me to reach other believers on the internet through different media.

May God bless each of you to the fullest measure in all things, forever!



10 Responses to “Time Out”

  1. Hello Juliet! Nice to see you at last! I always pray for your health and well been my friend. I look forward as ever to more articles from you too my good friend. The eye surgery is a doddle too. You will be amazed at the difference afterwards too.

    Blessings & love always,
    Gus : )

  2. “A Doddle”… That’s so cute!
    Thank you very much – I think my next article is going to be about Judges 11 and the story of Jephthah; the way atheists try to distort that into our Lord’s approval of human sacrifice. Which we know is a lie. And yes, I will use all the research that you and I did, too. (Smiling)
    May God bless you and keep you, Gus.


  3. Hey Juliet,

    I’m so glad to hear from you again… and that you are working on some new stuff. I love you a whole bunch… I was missing you… I know health issues can slow things down… I understand it first hand… and you have inspired me to get my blogging going… So, if you haven’t checked it out, then please do so, your participation and friendship means a lot to me. Oh, and I even put you on my blogroll … yeah… you’re that special. I think I have your email address right, I send you an email, did you get it? If not, let me know what the best email address is, and I’ll update my address book.

    All my love, hugs and kisses,


    • Thanks Ryan. I like your blog, in fact, and I like your writing style very much as well.
      It surely is nice to be thought special! I get a love of hate mail. As I have elsewhere stated, it is really nice that while you and I disagree about doctrine, it does not affect our ability to love each other with agape love which is sorely lacking in much of Christendom today.


  4. Dear Juliet,
    I look forward to reading your up coming blog on Jephthah,(I hope I spelled that right)
    As always your blog gives great food for thought,I know that within the short amount of time that we’ve come to know each other I have already gained a richer insight into the things of God.
    You are a blessing my dear.
    Peace and love

  5. Dear sister,

    I came across your YouTube channel (by God’s providence) through studier101 and decided to visit your blog. I’m impressed, and I don’t say that often. You have a great writing style. It is penetrating and forthright, readable and clear, most importantly, it is biblically grounded. I will recommend it to all who are interested in reform theology without the “scholarly” language–which at times can be more confusing than helpful. I believe your blog and future videos will be a tremendous blessing to many. By the way, sister, you don’t need a PhD to be a theologian. You must be a truly regenerate believer, with a burning passion to truly know God, and a–God given–gift to love and diligently search and study the scriptures. We must also have an awareness that we still have a remnant of sin in us, so that we guard ourselves from our sinful presuppositions in our interpretation, which should be the classical historical-grammatical one (Arminians would do well to understand their sin nature and proper hermeneutics). Studying the great giants of the faith (Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Owen, Edwards, Spurgeon, ALL puritan works etc. doesn’t hurt of course.

    May the Lord be pleased to bless your ministry.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

    Paul –

    P.S. Get use to the attacks by most “Christians” if you love reform (biblical) theology and if you’re going to be in the ministry of polemics in general. But let me encourage you, some (by God’s grace) will hear, receive and love their new found faith. It is worth the “wrestling” (Jude vs.3) when their eyes are open to the sovereign, majestic glorious God of the scriptures.

  6. When I found your comment this morning, I was delighted by it and have been trying to think of a good response all day.
    I have concluded that all I can say is ‘thank you, you really made my day!’. I receive so many attacks in the forums at Youtube and have so many enemies as the result of rightly dividing the Word of Truth that doubtless I am going to take quite a beating when I begin posting my own videos.
    It was such a pleasure to receive your comment; I am accustommed to a lot of hate mail which I delete. I don’t always delete it, but if it is nothing but hateful and has nothing to commend it I do not post it.
    Again, thank you very much for the lovely and encouraging comment.
    May God bless you to the fullest measure!


  7. hi juliet! just wanted to let you know im still kickin and wishing you and yours a merry christmas! love ya! larry

  8. Juliet, my Dearest Warrior Princess, I see you have not abandoned your blog here. I just drop by and give my warmest greetings to you! I apologize not been able to catch up with you on you comments and PMs on Youtube. You’ll frequently find my foot prints on the comment section when I sign in… I’ve been busy with my own chores, and haven’t been able to return all the PMs and friends’ comment. I’ll write to you by PM and catch up with you. You can follow me on Facebook as well:

    May the abundant blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

    You brother in arms and in Christ,

    • I know you’re busy, my brother, no worries. Tomorrow I am going to hear Tom speak and am looking forward to it. He said “you’ll probably be the only person there under nintey”… Haha. He is going to speak for Veterans. He wants to ‘sheke them up’ which is great! Shake ’em up I say!
      We need their votes, everytime I talk to Tom he gives me the figure “602 days to go” (right now) referring, of course, to the elections.
      2012 GO WEST!

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