Youtube: Dangerous?

seriousjuliet2Something which took me quite by surprise has happened on Youtube, which really shouldn’t surprise me at all.  When first I became aware of Youtube, I thought of it as a place where people posted videos intended to humiliate the targeted person.  How right I was…

I certainly didn’t expect to see it in the Christian community, however.  Now that did surprise me, although it shouldn’t have.  Even after conversion to Christianity we are falleable, and the root of sin never is completely excised, so what should I expect from a young man who is a recent convert?  His father ordained him in his church, despite the fact that it is clear in the Word that a ‘recent convert should not preach’.  Here is a horror story about just how dangerous Youtube can be in the hands of someone who may not have your best interests at heart.

There is a pastor on Youtube whose ministry I have followed for a couple of years.  I thought he was good, despite having some idiosyncrasies which some might find off-putting.  I learned not to take notice of such things, and look deeper.  It got to a point where I was certain that he was a believer in the Doctrines of Grace, so I risked our friendship over it…  I sent him several videos and personal messages, and he was very reluctant to even look into the Doctrines.  Eventually he did, and so did his son.  All at once he became an ‘expert’ on Calvinism, and it didn’t take long before he recanted, because he was not the expert he professed to be.  You see, this young man was in competition with his father over subscribers, to the point where he actually found a way to post phony subs to his channel.  There were pages and pages of them, and when he confronted me about why I would not sub his channel I first explained that I was aware of what he had done.  At first he denied it, of course, but I did finally get him to admit it.

As things turned out, his father had fallen into sin, and he took this occasion to broadcast for all the world to see what his own father had done.  He went into great detail, and I was absolutely horrified that anyone could turn on their own father.  Mind you, I am not condoning sin, but neither will I condone someone posting another person’s sins (particularly his own father’s) for the world of Youtube to devour like a Jerry Springer show.  I was appalled.

Many people took the young man’s side, but I am loyal to my friends, and especially if they have fallen into sin.  What would Christendom be like if we immediately rejected someone who had done so?  We have all done it!

But most of us have not had to live through the horror of seeing our sins posted on Youtube.

I still can’t wrap my head around this one.  He has always competed with his father, and I am convinced that he is thrilled that he has now gotten the competition out of the way.

 For shame.

The worst of it is his sudden turn-around, “now i am a Calvinist now I am not”.  How can we take somone seriously who changes their minds about theology from one day to the next?  I certainly can’t.  …And particularly now that he has taken advantage of the opportunity to humiliate his father before the world.

Someday maybe someone will post HIS sins for the world to see on Youtube.  We shall see how he takes it.  Frankly, I think the boy would commit suicide, because for him the opinions of others is everything.

I am glad I never subbed him.  If he would betray his own father this way, what would he do to a ‘friend’?

Just remember, big guy, your every thought and deed is known by our Lord, who knows all.  I am willing to bet that he is not particularly happy with your actions right now.





6 Responses to “Youtube: Dangerous?”

  1. What this young man did was horrendous, and to his own father too. Personally I think that there may be more sour grapes in his motives for doing this more than anything else. And yes, I too as a recent convert can not set myself up on any platform after just a year and claim that I can preach to people who have being walking with Christ for many years. I have views and opionions, but I know that my journey is still young yet and the road a long one too travel.

    Indeed I think He is very unhappy about this family feud that has been aired on Youtube. This should have been a personal matter left in the family and their church, not spread around the world as some voyeristic soap opera.

    Blessings and love,
    Gus : )

    • Absolutely.
      Youtube is becoming more and more like the internet’s version of the Jerry Springer Show.
      Of course, I would normally never watch something like this, but unfortunately I knew the people involved so it was rather difficult to avoid.
      However, in the future, if someone sends me something like this I shall not watch it! No way!
      Seems that now anyone with a camcorder in their phone will be cruising around, looking for things they can post to humiliate people.
      All in very poor taste… As one of viewers of the father’s video, I have to say I do NOT think I ‘deserved to know’.
      That was just a mean-spirited video made for all the wrong reasons.

  2. Juliet, try to think for a minute. And consider the fact that not everyone who says they are a Christian is a Christian (like George Bush or Alex Jones). So whenever you see “christians” on YouTube like “pastorjer777” or “shockofgod” concerned with subscribers, you ought to remember people like George Bush. They all claim to be “christians” but they are not and if they were, they would not be saying and doing everything that Jesus told them not to do.

    Like how you have noticed “christians” on YouTube for sometime now, I have been noticing people like you from a distance. And I always wonder why you even waste your time being concerned with the activities of all the false “christians” because there are so many on YouTube.

    I am the true Christian. These are the last days and it’s the end of the world. And all real Christians know that since these are the last days, and Jesus told us that so as it was in the days of Lot/Noah so shall it be before His 2nd coming. What this means is that when “the restrainer” is taken out of the way, God will destroy the nation of America (starting with the “christians” who don’t obey Him and give Him a bad name).

    None of the Christians seem to understand this fully yet I do because I am the only real Christian and I do battle against “christians” because they are enemies of my God. They’re all going to find out soon that they built their houses on the sand, not the Rock of Jesus Christ. This is because NONE of them will obey Christ.

    We can only be true Christians when we obey Matthew 5:42-46 and there is no getting around it because the Love of money is the root of all evil. Pastorjer777 or shockofgod (the false “christians”) will never obey these scriptures even if you tell them that it is confirmed in 1 Timothy 6:14-18 (kjv bible only), Galations 6:2 and a great many other scriptures.

    You see, the “christians” of YouTube are all together lighter than vanity and if they loved God, they would Love their brethren first to show God they can Love Him who they have not seen. God loved us when we were His enemies and if we cannot Love our enemies we are not children of our father in heaven (Matthew 5:45).

    It wont be long now and God’s perfect judgment shall fall down upon all the “christians” who stand in His house and commit abominations in His name. WoE unto them!

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  5. Eloquent much?
    Well-mannered much?

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