I am Not an ‘Actor’.

I have not been spending as much time on the internet as I once did.  There is a reason for this.  I have had my name maligned publically and secretly and the people who have done this to me know who they are.  I refuse to become hostile and bitter towards those who are doing their best to hurt me.

I can only say this: How do you do it?  How do you lie about me and try to hurt me when I have done nothing to you?

I can say in all honesty that I have never set out to hurt anyone, and would never do so.  There may have been people who I have taken off my list of friends and with whom I want nothing to do, but their retaliating by publically lying about me only reinforces that I did the right thing by so doing.

I am going to keep this short and sweet.  I love the brethren.  ALL OF THE BRETHREN.  On the other hand, I would be lying if I said that I like all of the brethren.  But I can honestly say that I wish no ill to any of you, and in fact I wish only the best for all of you.  I am not the sort of person that delights in seeing others suffer, nor would I ever be the cause of it, at least not knowingly.  There have been times when I had to hurt someone’s feelings, but I didn’t go behind their backs but dealt with it head on. 

…And for those of you who have believed lies that were told about me, all I can say is that my conscience is clear.  I haven’t ‘conspired’ against anyone.  I haven’t ‘spread lies’ about anyone.  And yet you write about me in your blogs, using my name, and charging me and finding me guilty of imagined crimes in your kangaroo courts?

Shame on you!

There is nothing hidden before God.  You should know that.

Sorry to have bored my readers with this when the vast majority of you are not those to whom this is addressed.  However, it has been bothering me because these people think nothing of trashing my name and accusing me of things that aren’t true.

Thank God He is always watching…  He has always protected me, always loved me, and always knows what is in my heart and mind.  And I can tell you, I do not hate anyone, including these people of whom I speak.  I am just saddened that professing Christians would act in such an unchristian manner.

I pray for them; I really do.


*There is something wrong.  The last two articles I have written have a paragraph missing, and I have tried every way possible to fix the problem.  Please bear with me until I have figured out what is wrong.



14 Responses to “I am Not an ‘Actor’.”

  1. It saddens me that so called Christians will lie and gossip here and spread lies like these on no substance or evidence. I know the people who have accused you of these things and know the reasons why they have done this too. They are not Christian reasons either, even though some of them have tried to wrap it up as that. As we indeed talk mostly everyday either via Yahoo, YouTube, FaceBook or on the phone I know that you have not done what these others have tried to spread around about you. You most certainly don’t gossip or tell tales, and you most certainly do not act. You are a very honest person which God knows to be true just as I do too. I also know that some are trying to blame this issue on them been a KJV onlyist, which I know is not the case at all.

    I will keep this short to Juliet, because I have more important things that need attention to in my life than listening to the lies and gossip spread by others which I know is totally false. The fact that you may have de-friended them was not for the reasoms that they have wrongly claimed. It was simply due to the fact that you didn’t gel with them for reasons which are as far apart as the North and South pole as the accusations that they hurl against you. They need to get on with their lives and stop this blatant lying and tale telling that is going on because of envy, jealousy and spite.

    I will pray to that the Lord will forgive these sins of theirs, and instruct them in the right decorum of been a Christian, and not be led by the hand by Satan in the ways of the world with its multitudes of gossips and liars.

    Blessings and love,

  2. My Darling Sister, Juliet,
    I had not wanted to write anything in any blog concerning this matter that has come up against us. My motto has always been to ignore the ignorant and foolish for who and what they are. When you follow this course of action, it will not be long before the true nature of these creatures will manifest to a world hungry for morsels of this type. They cannot help but expose themselves for the self-serving, self opinionated idolaters they are. God will even allow the wicked to work in His own childrens’ lives in order to expose the ungodly manner in which they conduct themselves. It is just a matter of time before they are seen for who they truly are. May God have mercy on them and may He use this ghastly situation to gently restore them to a right relationship with Himself and with His children. I pray their minds will be renewed by His holy, inerrant and comforting word and, if possible, the guilt be removed that must surely sully their consciences before God and man. I pray they will be granted Godly sorrow that leads to repentance and leaves no regrets.

    I am not even appalled, shocked or surprised at the behaviour of these who accuse us and write lies about us, because we are all sinners, even after God has graciously given us a new nature. Those who will, will adamantly continue to follow the old nature to their detriment, and even in some cases, their destruction.

    If a person can still accuse us of a lie, even after we have publicly said that we did not break fellowship for the reason they accuse us of, then go and write elaborate and fanciful rhetoric in a blog, rhetoric that gets more and more deceitful and elaborate as the pages roll by, then all we can do is plead with our God Most High to settle the matter for us. Only He can clear our names and restore our tarnished reputations by His grace and mercy. God promises that His is the vengeance, Juliet, and we must trust with all our hearts that He will make things right before men on our behalf. If God be for us, my darling sister, then who can be against us? Nothing is hidden from His sight.

    In all the time I have known you, I have never once, ever, heard a slanderous word against another come from your lips. I have never seen or heard you betray another sister and I have never seen you treat another sister with disrespect, even when they have hurt you so badly that any normal person would lash out in their own defense. I have never seen or heard you lash out at anybody, even under the most dire of circumstances. I have only ever experiences true friendship, Christian love and trust in my relationship with you. I know that these excellent traits in you were worked in you by a Holy, Righteous, Just, Loving and Sovereign God, who is jealous of those on whom He has set His love since before the foundation of the world. May His name be praised forever.

    May your peace come from Christ Jesus and Him only. May your heart rest in Him who holds you in the palm of His hand. May you find comfort in knowing that even the hairs on your head are numbered, and may you rejoice in the knowledge that when you leave this world, you will find yourself in the presence of the One who called you according to His purposes and has sealed you for the day of Christ Jesus.

    I love you my sister.
    My love to you in Christ.

    • Your response has given me great comfort. You know, Gus tried to respond to the blog article which is full of lies, but ahe refused to post it, saying that Gus is ‘biased’. Gus is a highly principaled man, and If he didn’t believe what he wrote he wouldn’t have written it.
      I too did not wish to get into it with this person, because their only desire is to tarnish our reputation, but you know, nobody has commented on her article. I believe she would only publish something which agreed with her anyway.
      I have not used her name, because it is not my intention to stir up trouble, but after her on numerous occasions emailing me articles full of lies, and even filling my chat box at FB with them… It is rather hard to ignore.
      My conscience is clear.
      I only hope this woman gets help from the Great Physician, because ‘out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaketh’. It seems to me she is enraged and jealous and is not acting in a Christian manner at all, so I pray that God would lead her back into all truth, and that she will put an end to this hate campain of hers.
      The truth will indeed find her out.
      I will be praying for her.
      God bless you dear sister, you have never gossiped or slandered anyone as long as I have known you, and I know that this whole thing is because of this woman’s need to be a martyr.
      She refuses to repent or be corrected.
      I pray that God will lead her to repentence, and you and I shall close the door on this unpleasantness. I only pray that she finds her way out of the maze of lies she has constructed.

      With all of my Love,
      In Christ,


    • It was never my intention to make any of this public, but since one of the people who has been telling tales about me refuses to post any of the responses made to her article, I have decided to post them here. It seems that nobody has commented on her article, but the simple fact is, the few responses she has had have not been posted.

      Here is the first:

      Shirly, I will try to make this brief because I desire not to open up a long and tiresome dialog over this issue because I have more important issues that demand my time, so either take this or leave it whatever you will;

      Point 1: There was no collusion between Silmalil or Afrikit as you call them to de-friend you. They had both not been in communication with each other for quite a while, which if my memory serves me rightly stretched back to when Afrikit was ill a few months ago. Previous to this they did indeed use to talk quite a lot but since the time of Afrikit’s illness, apart from the odd post to each other on Youtube or FB, they had not talked or communicated to each other. I know this not only because Silmalil told me on a few occasions when we talked that she missed Afrikit, but also because Afrikit told me so during a discussion we had via FB where she told me that she wanted to connect up again with Silmalil because she missed talking to her too. It was also during this conversation that Afrikit also told me that she had de-friended you too.

      Point 2: Simalil did not de-friend you because you were a KJV onlyist. She (and this is the part I think you find hard to swallow) de-friended you simply because she did not get on with you or gel with you. Silmalil was actually going to de-friend you way before the KJV issue ever came up, and refrained from doing so on two occasions because I asked her to give it some time before she decided to do this.

      Point 3: During mine and Afrikit’s discussion (which was through the FB chat box) she never mentioned about you been a KJV onylist, and simply said that she had de-friend you too because she didn’t like you or get on with you. It was only at this time too that Afrikit became aware that Silmalil had done the same thing and de-friended you 3 or 4 days earlier after I told Afrokit about it. During none of the rest of the conversation was anything mentioned either about you or your KJV only belief, and seen as we did touch on a couple of biblical matters then surely this would have come up.

      Conclusion: So the final truth (again which you may find harder to bear than your story full of supposition only) is that there was no “conspiracy” to de-friend you, either over your KJV belief or any other issue here. The plain and simple truth is that these two women did not like or gel with you, and they came to this same conclusion not by talking or colluding with each other, but purely on their own merit. Now one of them may have told you that it was indeed the KJV issue that is why they dropped you as a friend, but in truth this was said more to spare your feelings here than to truthfully say that it was because they actually didn’t like you.

      Shirly, we have all been dropped as friends by people on FB, Youtube or whichever social network site we may use. I was de-friended by a Christian man on YouTube 5 months ago because he found out that I was a Calvinist (ironically, he was a KJV onlyist too here!). Did I kick and scream because of this, or write articles or blogs because he had blocked me from communication with him? No! I simply posted a comment on his page after he had told me that he no longer wished to be my friend and that it was his loss here for friendship and then I moved on with my life and made new friends. The fact that it was a fellow Christian who did this to me bothers me not at all. Not everyone in life gets on with each other. The same here is sadly also true too for Christians as well.

      So, move on with your life here Shirly. I am sure that there are far more important things that could be demanding your time that conjuring up and spreading these tales which bear no reality to actual events. God indeed does know truly in what has gone on here, just as I do too. And your tale of conspiracy against you because you where a KJV onlyist – whilst it may make better reading for the readers (which seem very scarce around here?) – sadly, the more mundane truth is (and usually is in cases like these) true; they de-friended you not because of your biblical beliefs but because of your personality only.

  3. Let us all pray that this silly campaign of hers is dropped in 2010. I know we all have greater issues that demand our attention here; the main one of course is staying with the word of God and in the His Spirit and the path set out by Jesus Christ. Sadly she will not accept anything but her version and assumptions which I know (as of course do you two ladies) are false and innacurate. And of course God also knows that no collusion has taken place here, or that you dropped her because of her KJV onlyist beliefs.

    I also think that no matter how much we try to prove that she is wrong, she will sadly only strengthen her position and belief here. I really am at loss to find a reason as too why she has taken this de-friending as badly as she has. She did say after I sent a reply (which she will not post on her blog) that I was biased in that I know both of you, but that is the whole reason why I know that these accusations are false and untrue, and that it is just a bruised here ego that is piecing together a jigsaw incorrectly, and further one that does not even exist at all.

    Let us ALL move on and get back to the things that demand our full time attention here; our work and home, our loved ones and families, and in our praise for the Lord for blessing all us all in our lives with His love!

    Blessings and love to both of you my dear sisters in Christ,
    Gus : )

  4. Chin up Sis! We know the truth!

    • Oh Kirkie, God bless you.
      You know, there has been no ‘backlash’ as the result of any of these people and their attempts to discredit me. That is to say, my friends know me and they know what I am and what I am not.
      I really do feel bad for these people who think that by putting me down they will somehow make themselves look better.
      I suppose all we can do is to pray for them. Pray that the truth will set them free.


  5. Here is another of the responses which was made to one of the ladies with whom I am having problems. Naturally, she did not post this either because she refuses to accept the truth and apparently (three months later) still wants to play the martyr:

    “WOW. You seem really angry. You also seem really obsessed with these two ladies. So you guys have a personallity and theology clash. It seems to me that the reasonable thing for one of you three to do was to end the friendship. You seriously need to let it go. One thing that bothered me though was:
    “Simalil accusing me falsely on more than a few occasions and then apologizing as proof she recognized she had been wrong”. I dissagree with you. All that meant was that she was taking the high road and taking the burdon of “Being wrong” for the sake of peace. Not that she was acknowleging wrong doing. It showed forgiveness on her part.

    Ambroses, as a Christian and as a friend, if you haven’t already done so, I would ask that for you own spiritual growth and well-being, walk away from this situation. Accept that these two ladies have all ready (done) so.

    In Christ,

  6. Here is yet another exchange between Ambrose and Gus. She just doesn’t get that while it is true that I do not agree with the KJV only stance, I wouldn’t unfriend someone for it.
    I was trying to spare her feelings, which she simply refuses to see and insists that I am lying.
    This all began on Facebook, and while I met her at Youtube and originally liked her and agreed with her theology, I wouldn’t have unfriended her for that reason alone. I simply did not want to argue with her over EVERYTHING day in and day out. I wanted to unfriend her immediately, and Gus asked me to be patient with her. This is the end result.
    I suppose I am posting this as a cautionary tale: be careful who you get chummy with on any social networking site. The end result often ends this way, because there are a lot of unstable people on the internet.
    Again, here is another exchange between Ambrose and Gus which she would not post:

    This was Ambroses reply to me which she sent via a PM on YouTube:

    Under your conduct, I will do no such thing as post your comments considering you give me NO credit for saying it like it transpired….given the information that I was sent. I am not responsible for what those women did not have the wisdom to tell me straight away in the first couple weeks. Nay, they vanished into the shadows after the KJV issue oon my FB wall. Neither am I convinced that they did not change their approach or story or tone after I wrote my thoughts. Once they were forced into confronting what transpired and could not run away from it, all of a sudden all three of you said it had nothing to do with the KJV issue. Convenient. All the while, I have several of Juliets comments that she made to me when it happened….that the three of you simply ignore!!!! If the truth so much as lies in between what both sides are saying, it is their fault for not communicating more on the issue sooner. It is not my responsibility to assume anything but rather to go on what was said and done at the time it happened. Think on that. Neither do I have reason to believe that the truth is in between when it sounds more like a convenient way to avoid the real issue being the KJV. I took Juliet for her word initially but NOW she indicates that she did not really mean what she said and that the KJV was not the real issue?? I am not about to believe her now that she has changed her reasoning. Would you? What should we believe when someone tells two different accounts of something happening? Well, I will tell you what I will believe, I am led to believe that she was saying it much more like it was in the heat of the moment when it first happened and when she did not come back and retract what she said. She in fact has not retracted those early comments. She just ignores them. And gives another explanation. Nay, I think she and Liz have both tremendously altered their reasons because it is an easy way out and they think it relieves them of anything. I have never indicated that they did completely like me and neither do I doubt that may have been in the background…what I have said and maintained, is that has become their EXCUSE they are using. Fact of the matter is, at their best they still divided the body and for rediculous and selfish reasons. No, you might have once had a balanced perspective on this but you have clearly displayed to me that you no longer do. No surprise that you would not hold up to their influence. If you think I should post your comments on my WP lets see if you all are brave enough to post my last couple comments to you on Juliets WP. And while we are at it ALSO my original account since I took and posted Juliets account on my WP page. Just give the word and I will send them through. I think I am a tad braver than any of you because I have taken on all three of you at once.


    This was my reply back to her on her blog again, which is still awaiting moderation by her and not been put up;


    Ambrose, I have told you what actually transpired in all of this yet you refuse to believe it and also failed to post up my reply that I made to you, all because I actually know these two women involved so I must therefore “wear heavy rose tinted glasses” in your opinion because of this. I am not in the habit of defending people or backing them up when I do not know the true facts behind anything, which in this case I know full well indeed. However, it is because I know these women like I do that and the sequence of events leading up to this very sorry tale that I know that your insistence that it was the KJV issue here that was the reason for them de-friending is incorrect and untrue, and further also that there was no collusion between both of them over this to drop you as a friend within days of one another.

    It would have been nice if you were brave enough to actually post my reply up. But, as none of it conformed to what you wanted to hear or believe then you discarded all of my post simply because you still insist that what you think transpired here is correct when I know, along with Juliet and Liz, and God too that none of this happened because of the KJV issue. Your insistence that it was only highlights your obsessive nature here in that you must always be right and everyone else is wrong, even when the actual facts do not support your case.

    Face up to the fact that both Juliet and Liz de-friended you not because of the KJV issue at all, but simply because of your personality here Ambrose, which I think people after reading this article (if anyone else actually does) which you are insistent on continuing to the point of ad nauseum will become quite obvious.

    Ambrose, get back to real issues in life here that are far more important than these and move on with your life. Hacking away at an imagined conspiracy that never in fact happened is truly a waste of time for all concerned.

    It will be interesting to see if you post my comment up this time Ambrose, and I would like if you still have a copy of my earlier reply to also post that up too.

  7. Mind you, this has been ongoing for THREE MONTHS now, with Ambrose posting away at this imagined ‘conspiracy’.
    Neither Liz nor I was aware that the other had unfriended Ambrose, we laughed about it later because this woman really was just too much. Everything on Facebook that I posted she commented on, and to such a degree that it became irritating. Facebook is supposed to be a friendly place, and I didn’t see her as being very friendly.
    I am sorry to have bored you all with this nonsense, but I am doing so to warn people to be careful! There are a lot of people on the internet who have nothing better to do than buzz around your face like a fly!
    Social Networking sites are for just that: not for spiteful people to hammer away over imagined conspircies.
    I hope we have all learned something from this!

  8. Incidentally, Ambrose is under the impression that this article was written exclusively about her, when the fact is that there are more people out there who have done far worse to me, and I was mostly addressing them.
    I think the fact that she thinks it is all about her says a lot about her mental state, and her own self-importance.
    Forgive me for getting personal, but she threw down the gauntlet.
    What was I to do?

    Now, I promise that I shall get back to writing about that which is most important, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
    My next article will definitely not be anything like this, I assure you!

  9. My Dearest Sister Liz,
    I certainly hope that you are not bothered anymore by this woman as the result of my posting any of the material here, which of course you are aware of since I wouldn’t do such a thing without your consent.
    My intention is to put an end to this whole affair, and as I know you are not well at the moment, (nor am I for that matter) my prayer is that Ambrose will let it drop, since she is not acheiving anything meaningful or useful with her blog full of false accusations and downright lies.
    I appeal to her on your behalf, at the very least, to cease and desist! We are not young women anymore, and our health is very important. I suppose someone her age would not understand that.
    Nevertheless, my prayer is that the Great Physician will heal not only you and I, but Ambrose, who is obviously a very disturbed individual and has no idea that this sort of thing can put stress on a person.
    You and I are innocent of her accusations, before God!
    I can only pray that whatever it is that is eating at her, God will soothe away so she can leave others in peace.
    But mostly dear sister, my prayer is for your healing. I ask all of my friends to pray for our dear Liz too…
    Is it too much to ask that those who are creating problems stop this nonsense? Liz is not well, has not been well for some time, so for God’s sake please leave her alone with your rantings!
    May the God of all peace bless you to the fullist measure in Christ Jesus our Lord, dearest Liz, and heal that which has been plaguing you.
    …As for those who are bothering Liz, if you are truly a child of the Most High then I would suggest that you end this campaign at once!

  10. Alright, as if I haven’t got enough proof, here is yet another comment that Ambrose has not seen fit to post:

    You know Ambrose to be perfectly honest I don’t think that anybody has even read this article. The only reason I know that it even plagues the internet is because Juliet informed me that you have written a blog. I find it quite arrogant of you to think that Juliet would unfriend you on the one reason that you apparently only follow the KJV. In fact, Juliet was telling me that she’s been wanting to unfriend you because you were agressive, argumentative, and could never be wrong. These are qualities I believe ANY human being would dislike to see displayed in somebody. If I were Juliet I would’ve unfriended you in a heartbeat after seeing just ONE rude or antagonizing comment to me, but Juliet didn’t want to hurt your feelings, which I admire. However, Miss Ambrose; Juliet DOES think that your doctrine is sound, and at least your interpretation of Scripture is correct. The fact that you are a ‘KJV only’ was never much of an issue to her, but it seems that it is more of an issue to YOU. Seeing on how it was YOU forcing the belief that the KJV is the only way to go. Juliet or Liz did not conspire against you or, “lurk in the shadows,” I know that you’re not going to post this comment up, because I KNOW you are too self righteous to accept the fact that you are -gasp- yes, Ambrose, you are WRONG. And please…take down this ridiculous blog already, you’re making an utter fool out of yourself

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