This is an article written by Kirk Bookmyer on Facebook.  I would be interested to hear what your responses are.  Personally?

I am sick to my stomach.  If “Morals are for men, not God”, that means that God is immoral.  It sounds to me as though he is worshiping some other God, but not the Christian God.

You will never hear a word about the love, compassion and mercy and God coming from this man, he glories in what he believes to be “God’s Judgement”.

Child Rape?
.by Kirk Bookmyer on Thursday, 12 August 2010 at 14:59.Prologue:This note explains why evil occurs in the context of God’s plan and decreed will being done. It reveals a theological framework of thought that most people have not taken the time to consider. It uncovers the sentimentalism we have toward children. Why should children not be harmed? Is it because they are cute and cuddly? Is it because they are innocent? Or is it because God says not to sin against Him?

David realized in Psalm 51 that he had only sinned against God. Does that make sense to you? In the same way the rapist only sinned against God! And the rapist will be judged accordingly (no rape ever goes unpunished) the death penalty in this world is a picnic compared to the hellfire that is awaiting the rapist. But before you applaud justice for the rapist, please consider and realize that the raped child still must be assumed to be under the wrath of God for the crimes that that child is currently committing toward God. And it was that way from his birth and continues to be so unless this child is atoned for by the death of Jesus Christ and then is regenerated because of the atonement by the Holy Spirit. Only the death of Christ (and always the death of Christ) accomplishes the realized removal of God’s wrath.

Those with discernment will see that this note leaves everyone guilty and God just in determining who to save, if anyone. God is going to judge the child and the rapist both. And it could be that the rapist’s sins are forgiven and covered by the blood of Jesus while the child is not forgiven. Or they both (the rapist and the child) could be saved by the atonement. Or, they could both be damned. Or, the child could be saved and only the rapist damned. Since everyone is guilty God can do what He wants to do. And that is final (God has spoken). Are you OK with God playing the role of God?! Or, do you want to have a say in the matter, as if you were God?

For he says to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. Romans 9:15

You will say then unto me, Why does he yet find fault? For who has resisted his will? Nay but, O man, who are you that replies against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why have you made me thus? Romans 9:19-20

God ordains the most evil acts of men! My God doesn’t have one evil thing happen that He didn’t intend to happen. Did you read the book of Job!? The devil is God’s devil. He can do nothing that God doesn’t plan for him to do. Morals are for men not God! That is your rebellion. You want to judge your God. Who are you O man to talk back to God?!

Child rape is the judgment of God on the evil child. All children are born under wrath of God and that is why they are tortured and why they die? Why do you think abortions are so prevalent? Cannot the God who stopped an unbeliever from sinning in Gen. 20:6 stop the murder of “so-called” innocent children that are aborted every day?

You see I can explain these things as a Calvinist and still exalt God as all powerful and sovereign in the process. You think this is a “black mark” on my God’s record. Boy are you in for a shock on the day of judgment if you don’t get with the truth and love it! The most hideous thing in human history is the murder of Jesus. But God PLANNED IT and brought it to pass from the beginning of time! Sure he used the wickedness of men. He let out just enough restraint of of these men at the right time to accomplish it.

It was the LORD’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer! Isaiah 53:10

The dress rehearsal for it was Abraham being willing to kill Isaac!

Him, being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God, you have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain: Acts 2:23

So, what is a child being raped to God? The child deserves hell before and after he is raped, does he not?!

Epilogue:This note has drawn a lot of fire from critics. It seems people see the words rape + child + theological explanation (that they are unfamiliar with) = pedophile.

This is unfortunate but not totally surprising. The shallow thinking among people (especially Christians about God and the things of God) is rampant and ever expanding. This lack of depth of people is ruining the ability to communicate in the realm of social circles, politics, and unfortunately churches. It is like the Old Testament is being relived in the church age. We have our own tower of Babel and our own judges each doing what is right in their own eyes right along with the people just like in the Book of Judges. Where is the apostolic authority? Where is the Christian who even wants apostolic authority? We all agree that the bible is the final authority. But then we each interpret it that way we like to and functionally we become our own authority. And to the extent that we actually have misinterpreted and then gone on to misrepresent the Holy Scriptures we are in great spiritual peril.

I am currently in a debate of sorts over this article. Based on this article I am being identified as everything from a pedophile to a false-teacher. Yet, no one has actually stepped through the text to actually discover how to interpret it. Should I be surprised. If they take the Bible lightly how much more will they take my writings. If people are superficial in their interpretation of the bilbe and get it wrong. How much less will the respect the meaning of my writings. This is all very humbling, indeed.

What is it that people are actually objecting to? They are objecting to the idea that God is the first cause of all things. They object to anyone who asserts that God causes bad things to happen to people. Usually they say things like, “Why does God allow/cause bad things to happen to good people?” It is the age old question of why does evil exist if God is love. And this note touches a nerve with people because of all people they see children as innocent. Some even deny the doctrine of original sin, because they cannot accept a God who imputes Adam’s sin onto seemingly innocent babies. Others come up with an age of accountability to excuse or minimize the rebellion and the related penalty for the transgressing children. Children are the sacred cow of so-called Christians. They have exalted an idol in their own image (their kids) to the status of a god in their minds. Oh! Of course “good Christian” people will deny any such thing with their lips. But there hearts are to a fault with their children and not on God. This is immoral to the core. It is totally contrary to Apostolic Christian Teachings.

A particular critic thinks that erring in doctrine is a gnat that can be swallowed. He see this article as a camel that must be killed. Why? Well it is the thinking of the day. The world (which has invaded the church) says to tolerate almost any belief system. The only exception is people who believe they and they alone have found the truth. The world says get along with everyone and don’t offend anyone. Offense is the cardinal sin of today. People with this mentality are running the visible church straight to hell.

Well, I as a follower of Jesus, am OFFENDED by this tolerant attitude. And that makes me a threat to the system that is running this world. It is a worldly system that emphasizes the happiness of man over the truth of God. The bible in general is held in high esteem on their lips (speaking of professing Christians) but it is just as lightly esteemed in practice as any atheist’s attitude toward it. And this is the dividing line. Real Christians are getting wise to the foolishness that passes for wisdom in churches today. And the lies that are mistaken for truth along with sentiment that is called love is being revealed to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see God in Christ Jesus by the Power of the Holy Ghost!


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  1. This guy Kirk is stupid. He is a perverter of the truth. Which mean to me… that Kirk is Muted… he has nothing to say. I’ve seen his games played out just like so many others who read the bible with the logical mind instead of a spiritual mind. God is creative in nature not logical. Put you mind at ease… block the guy if you can and get some rest… you don’t need this kind of evil in your ear. That’s my best advise to you. A message from the Father would bring you to peace, rest. I’m sure God wants to teach you/us something in this example, but it is not in the message that Kirk brings… but more so in how to deal with his kind. Speak a word of truth, mute him and that seed will produce and God gets to watch after that seed.

    • And you now you know why I don’t hold to a specific theology… I lean more towards the In Filling described in ACTs… and let the Holy Spirit be my guide. Knowing I can not believe in absolutes on this side of heaven. That’s why there are so many sects of Christianity and so few that just say I follow Jesus… and I have no idea where where going. The disciples never knew where they were going. And doubting thomas was still doubting till Jesus appeared to him after the resurrection. And Jesus still said that qualified him to follow. People have lost there dependance on Jesus and are dependent on worshiping their ideas of Jesus instead of relationship with Him. It all about relationship… not theological view point… although we all have one I guess. But our view points are in our mind… my ideas of Jesus don’t shape him… he is a person…and I discover him everyday… and I’ll never fully know him till I see him face to face. I try not to have expectation of Him… it only keeps me from seeing him more deeply. I guess that is part of my theology and I’m willing to let him change it all as I get to know Him. I dont know all the answers and I don’t need to know. That’s is so freeing.

    • The main thing I see in this man is a total lack of love. He just doesn’t have any. All of the people I have spoken with say the same thing: “I had to block him – all he did was criticise”. Once he logged onto James White’s chat, and I adore James White… I find his theology to be sound and he discusses it in a way that is truly edifying. So Kirk logs on but is silent, and about a half hour later he says “My audit is complete”. He then made a Youtube video about how wordly and unsaved they were. This man is completely miserable. Nobody likes him and everyone has to block him in the end. He loves to point his long bony finger at you and scream ‘UNSAVED!’. I found it interesting that he felt that I was ‘worth saving’ (as if it were up to him) but that my boyfriend wasn’t… He said he was ‘more dangerous than Hitler or a child rapist”. (Again with the child rape – a subject that comes up with him again and again.) He also called him ‘a girly man’ because his female friends send him those flowers and hugs and all that silly stuff on FB – but EVERYONE knows that Gus loves and adores me. I am not threatened in the least. But ‘girlyman’? What the heck?
      Gus and I waited for an apology from this man – HAH. There was none forthcoming.
      I know he is reading this and seething… And I do not hate him. I don’t hate anyone (although in his case it took some work) but I do not appreciate strangers inserting themselves into my life and acting holier than thou.
      Without love, he is a clanging gong and a noisy cymbal. (Oh, and he would have a field day with you. He is the most judgemental person I ever met… If I were you I would block him now. He is going to try to get to you, mark my words.)

      Boy is he deluded. “If a man knoweth not love, he knoweth not God.”

  2. And further – he revels in God’s judgements, but never a word about His mercy and compassion.
    You should see his FB page! His beliefs are enough to make anyone defect Christianity.
    Maybe he has done some terrible thing and thinks he was “God’s axeman” or something?

  3. I just saw a doc on that creepy Alamo guy who’s also a child rapist but still he’s got a lot of people following him…. All in the name of Christianity???

  4. Contendingforthetruth Says:

    Why am I not surprised that it was Kirk B. who would say such a thing. Kirk is a stalker . He goes after people and then slanders them. You are not the first. It’s his calvinism or your not a calvanist. And if you look at his photo’s in his Facebook account you will see that he has psychological issues. It’s my personal belief that this man is dangerous. The bible is very clear , God is NOT the author of sin.In the book of Romans you will read that there is no unrighteousness in God. Psalms 92:15 “The Lord is upright; He is my Rock; there is no unrighteousness in Him.” These are just two examples. Reading his article confirms my feelings toward this man. Evil is simply the absence of good. Not to do good is to do evil. Whether a child goes to hell for their sin though they were raped is irrelevant . Kirk’s thought process is disturbing and may the Lord have mercy on his soul for this blasphemy. God is sovereign and knows everything before it happens. He chooses not to stop certain actions or sins and will use them for His purpose. The fact that he allows a sinner like me to breathe is in itself a miracle and a proof of God’s grace. He will have mercy on whom He will. If he chooses not to stop the child from being raped then we must say that it was His will that it happen. That does not mean HE planned a rape! He is Holy and sin is not allowed in His presence. How dare you Kirk compare God planning the sacrifice of His only son for our sins to that of God ordaining rape. Scripture is clear “without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.” Romans 9:22. Your a slanderer and gossip Kirk. Repent! “They are filled with all unrighteousness, evil, greed, and wickedness. They are full of envy, murder, disputes, deceit, and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, arrogant, proud, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, and unmerciful. Although they know… full well God’s just sentence—that those who practice such things deserve to die —they not only do them, but even applaud others who practice them.” Romans 1:29-32

    • I wanted to go on record saying that I asked a lot of the more prominent Calvinists to respond to this article, but they privately messaged me saying, basically, that Bookmyar is right, he just didn’t say it in a more socially acceptable way.
      You are the only one who didn’t mind posting at my blog, ContendingfortheTruth.
      Everyone who is at all serious about Calvinism would know who these people are, too.
      I find it very sad that their view of God is so warped.
      Where is the love?
      Where is their anything Christlike about saying that “God ordains the rape of children”?
      There isn’t.
      I have to question these people’s true condition. It seems they are slavishly studying the Bible, and particularly the Old Testament, but have no relationship with God.
      If they did, they would never believe the way they do.
      God is my sheild and my very great reward, and I would never, NEVER, say or believe that He is the ‘ordainer of evil’.
      Clearly He permits it, but if anything I believe He restrains the evil of men!
      If anything, we and they are worshipping two different gods.
      The True God is the Perfect Father.

  5. Here in Germany many people tell me, in the States there are many theological fundamentalists who are a danger to democracy and the Western philosophy cause they are going back with their values and doctrines into the Middle Ages. I told them that the States are a very strong democracy and everything´s exaggerated… The States are a very nice, proud and positive nation and culture I thought.
    When I read this statement I was astonished, ashamed and disgusted.
    What a fucking bullshit! Sorry but TRUE!

    • Nah, those people are kooks.
      …And this guy is in a very small minority.
      Kindly do not judge all of us on this bloodthirsty man.

      It just isn’t so.
      I am an American, and I disagree with this disgusting theology, as most of us do.
      C’mon Karsten, people have judged Germany badly because of WWII, you wouldn’t like that, would you?
      Of course not.
      This guy is just a kook and not too many people think this way!

      • Yes, it´s nonsense about the Germans and Hitler nowdays so it´s nonsense with the Americans and theological fundamentalists. I´m happy about that so I don´t have to change my picture of you and your countrymen.
        So you (and we!) have to isolate these fundamentalists. They are a danger!

    • Exactly so Karsten… I was trying to reply to your last post but it didn’t give me the option so this will be printed out of order, but I am replyng to your last comment.
      You’re right. Hitler is gone and so is Nazi Germany, but there are people who would love to revive it (a lot of them are Americans!) and they are clearly demented. Just as anyone who would judge a German based on Hitler and his murder of millions of Jews, it would be wrong to judge Americans by it’s skinheads and religious freaks.
      I think that these people are abberations, not the norm at all.
      It does go to show, however, that man in his natural state is just no good.
      …And clearly the author of the ariticle (Bookmyar) is in his natural state. I don’t hear anything about love from this man, just his natural hatred for everything and everyone who doesn’t have his particular viewpoint. Which is hateful and makes God out to be a monster.
      Which He is decidely NOT.
      Would we worship and adore Him if He was?
      People need to look to the gospels and see how Jesus behaved. He was perfect.
      Christians must imitate Christ!
      Those who have no love have no part of Him.

  6. Oh good.
    It didn’t print out of order.
    ; )

    • Hi,

      I’ve had several run-ins with Mr. Bookmyer. He is diluted into thinkign that he only holds the right gospel. When I tired to have a Facebook conversation with him I pointed out plenty of Scripture that proved his own ideas wrong. Because he could not answer accordingly he resorted to name calling and insult. Just go to the blog listed above and you can see the entire Facebook chat and see how he responds. This guy thinks he’s doing God a favor but he really is huriting the cause of Christ.

      • He certainly IS hurting the cause of Christ! The problem, I found, is that a lot of Calvinists agree with him, they just didn’t want to post that here. KInd of interesting, hmmm?
        You would probably know who these people are too, if you are a Youtuber.
        Haha… He KEEPS TRYING TO POST HERE, but I would NEVER give him a platform for his horrific ideology! His theology is really convaluted and just plain WRONG.
        He makes God out to be a MONSTER, and whe know that simply isn’t so.
        If you want to see what a moster ‘god’ looks like, examine the ‘god’ of Islam.

      • Indeed he is hurting the cause of Christ. I agree with you fully on that.
        You know, since I joined Act! for America I changed the format of my Youtube channel. I am using it for Act! right now, because it is of dire importance that we keep that sick political ideology out of our nation… I know that Mo never saw an angel of God but the enemy of God. Look at Islam and the ungodliness of it. I think that right now there is nothing more important I can do with my channel. We MUST keep Islam and mosques out of America. Even the peaceful Muslims who support their mosques are supporting terrorism.
        So Kirk, (who keeps sending things to my blog because I have him blocked every other way he could possibly reach me – what a stalker!) wrote to me “I see you have found a new way to not serve God”.
        What a tool!
        Yes, ad hominems are his specialty. He really is just a …terrible excuse for a Christian AND a human being!

  7. Hi Juliet!
    hope your doing well. just wanted to thank you for helping me with my utube channel. it’s so frustrating not being in the fight. at least i can still keep up with what’s going on. and you are one busy bee! it’s just hard fealing muted. i feel freaking helpless! but thanks again for your help. you are a good friend and have my respect.
    yours truely

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