Calvinist No More

I once considered myself a Calvinist, and in many regards I still do.  I can no longer align myself with many of the others who call themselves ‘Calvinists’ for many reasons, though.

Do I believe in the absolute depravity of men?  I do.  I was in an accident in March, during which I wiped out of my motorbike during rush hour on a busy street.  Did any of the hundreds of cars going by call 911?  They did not.  Someone did stop, finding me in a pool of my own blood and you know what they did?  They took everything of value on my person, including my I.D., my cash, my phone, my jewelry, my boots and leather coat, in fact, the only reason they didn’t take my motorbike was because once on it’s side, one has to know the several tricks required to make it start up again.  I do not mention this so you can say “Oh, poor Juliet”.  Not at all.  And really, it should not have surprised me, either.  But here is a good example of the depravity of men.  The only reason I did not die in the street is because my Lord made sure that a Fire Rescue truck just ‘happened’ to be going by at the time, saw me, and took me to hospital where I remained in a coma for several days.  I didn’t remember any of it; but I knew without being told when I awakened that everything of value I had was gone.  No surprise there.  Like I said, too, I should not have been surprised at any of it.  But here is a clear example of how people without God function in the world.  Just as the Good Samaritan stopped and rendered aid to the poor man who had been robbed and beaten, the bad Samaritans did what comes naturally to them.  They took whatever they could and left me, presumably to die.

So there in that little tale lies the heart of the matter.  Without the new life, man is depraved.  He will do what comes naturally to him.  Just as the one who possesses the new life will do what the new nature enables him to do.  Had a true child of God come upon me, undoubtedly they would have taken my body from the middle of the street, called 911, and most likely would have waited until aid arrived.

Most, if not all of the Calvinist’s I know would say that this was ordained by God.  They way I see it, God rescued me.  He made sure that I was close to a red light and not zooming along when I had my petit mal seizure which is what I believe caused the accident, as I have had them in the past.  He also made certain that there would be help arriving, so I would not die in the road.  If God had wanted to take me then, of course He could have done so.  He did not.  I am still not certain why this happened, (it could just easily be the sort of thing that happens in a fallen world every day) but I just don’t believe that God ‘made it happen’.  I believe that God uses evil for His purposes, but not that he is the Author of it.  Calvinists don’t see it like that, and if you dare to disagree with them, you will soon find yourself an enemy, or they will tell you that you cannot possibly be saved unless you agree.

I don’t see what the point of a world where God is the cause of everything could possibly be.  If He is just the Puppetmaster, than really the whole thing becomes absurd.  On the other hand, I do believe there are many things which are not given to man to know.  How could we know what God knows?  We are not God.

Truly, God knows the end from the beginning.  This does not mean, however, that we are merely puppets and are acting out a script which He has written in the minutest detail.  If this were so, then I  surely do not know God!

And yet, I do.  He has shown me the utmost kindness and love from the time of my childhood.  He has told me things, taught me things, and has saved my life on more than one occasion.

If you read the article which Bookmyar wrote, I am sure you can understand why I am divorcing myself from the Calvinist community on the internet.  These are some of the most unloving and unkind people I have known.  (I don’t mean all of them, either…  I have met some amazing Christians whose doctrine I believe to be sound, and yet you will never hear them glorying in the judgements of God with nary a word of His lovingkindness and grace.  Quite the opposite, in fact.)

No, God is not the Author of Evil.  If He were, He would be the devil wouldn’t He?  God is love, pure love, and while He is also perfectly just it does not give Him pleasure to have little children raped nor does He plan for that.  He may permit it to happen for His own reasons, which clearly have not been given us to know, but I can assure that if you look at Christ in the gospels, you will find the most loving and kind and sinless man/God.  Why is Jesus so beloved after millennia?  Because of His wondrous love and sweetness.

Mind you, because I have no doctorates in theology and am just a layman, those who do will read my words and think what an ignorant little girl I must be.

And so how do you account for all the illiterate people who have been saved?  I daresay they were not Calvinists, they could not even read the Bible!  God saves those He has compassion upon, and mercy on whom He has mercy on.  I trust that whatever God does, it is going to be perfect as He is perfect.

I don’t know about you, but my God does not have little children raped.

He does chastise His children, and the wrath of abides upon the unsaved, and yet “All things work together for good with them that are called by God according to His purposes”.  I don’t understand these Calvinists.

Jesus told us to be like little children; to trust Him the way a child trusts.  That is exactly what I am going to do.  I am not going to wrack up doctorates and think myself superior to those who do not have their knowledge.  I am going to continue to read and study the Word of God and pray for growth.  To be more loving, more forgiving, and more like our Lord and Saviour.

I am sorry, but trying to picture Jesus ordering one of the disciples to go and ‘rape that child for his sins’ is not in my abilities.

God is good.  In Him is no darkness or shadow of turning.

I may not understand a lot of things, but the one thing I do understand  is that God has preserved me, He has saved my life repeatedly, He has taught me all of the good things I know.  I could never have survived in this world without Him.

God does not ‘ordain’ torture and rape and murder’!  If He did, what would make Him someone we should love and worship?

Shame on those of you who would think such a vile thing!  His eyes are too pure to even behold evil, much less be the mastermind of it!



15 Responses to “Calvinist No More”

  1. Hi Juliet, the people are often cold and brutal. Some are not. And GOD is loving us, because he is a loving GOD. So we have to follow his command to love each other as we love ourselves.

    I pray for us believers

    Karsten (from Germany)

  2. That is why I say I am a Calvinist no More.
    My theology was sound, or so I thought. Then you have people saying “God ordains the rape of children”, like the oh-so-hateful Kurt Bookmyar would have you believe.
    Right now there is so much going on in my life that my head is spinning, and the last thing I need to hear is that God ordains rape.
    If that were true, than He would be a devil!
    The God I know loves me, and would never ordain that I be raped, especially as a child.

    Which I was.

    • Which you was. Oh my god.
      How can God let this happen? I can´t understand that God let men act like they want or like the devil wants the men to act. Is it the weakness of God or of men? I think that´s why some many people can´t (! can´t, not do not want) believe in God or had lost their believe.
      This cruelty of men God let happen…

      Liebe Grüße Karsten

      • Whatever the truth is, the truth is. We cannot make God in our image… And yet, I cannot nor can you deny the fact that evil happens all the time; we live in an evil world.
        However, if God ordains these things, it would mean that He is evil! And I refuse to believe that, because I have felt the love of God. It is said of God in the bible that “In Him there is no darkness or shadow of turning”. I believe it.
        So while evil exists, we have to assume that God is using it for some purpose unknown to us. However, I would never go so far as to say that God is the “Author” of evil.

  3. No, me too. GOD is LOVE, the devil is the evil. That´s clear to me, to you, but not to everybody. But I (and many other) do not understand why he decided men being so weak. Weak for the evil and not strong for the truth and the love. Why is it more difficulty to follow him than the devil?
    I can´t understand but I try! I try hard!

  4. I’m not too sure about that either, Karsten. The fact of the matter is that not everything is given to men to know…
    We cannot understand everything, clearly.
    But I trust God.
    I trust that whatever He does is going to be perfect, as He is perfect.
    I think we are going to have to be satisfied with that for now.
    After the resurrection I am sure we will have perfect knowledge.

  5. I did want to add something, Karsten; and that is that I am certain that there is NO WEAKNESS in God.
    Wherever there is blame to assign, we must assume that it falls upon man.

  6. God gives freedom to men to choose their way in freedom? But the people are too weak to decide, too weak to hold on in the world of temptations, too weak cause the education has been to weak. And there are other idols or false gods like sex, money, work, cars, houses, playing and entertainment.
    Is the weakness the other side of the coin? On the other side there´s freedom and the possibility to choose a life in God?

    • I am having a huge struggle with this.
      I don’t believe it is that black and white, because if we are merely puppets then I don’t see the point of any of it.
      I also think that man, if given freedom, would surely destroy himself…
      (And if you look around, you will see people destroying themselves everywhere and in every way.)

      I wish I knew, but the Bible paints it both ways, when you get right down to it. You could use Scripture to support either view.
      ‘Tis a paradox.

  7. I was shocked and sorry to learn of your accident Julie.

    I am thankful to God that you survived,though you were robbed in broad daylight, surely he is not finished refining you for himself.

    I have long ago consigned all that I own to him,as Job said,’we brought nothing into this world and surely we can carry nothing out.

    As for the mystery of iniquity/lawlessness, that is just what it is, a mystery. Although when men continue to break his laws, there is a reciprocal reaction that takes place, which effects us all,which is why he says by Moses,”Do not defile your daughter by making her a prostitute, or the land will be filled with promiscuity and detestable wickedness.”
    Leviticus 19:29

    The law was given to prevent what is seen as normal in America,as well as in the world. Righteous exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.

    What does God require of those who would be called by his name?

    Humility and childlike willingness to be shaped and molded by his word and not by the flawed doctrines of men.

    I wish you well big sister and pray for your soul and spirit to be strengthened in these times of hardship, having been there many times, I bear witness that he is faithful to his word and will bless you with his peace as you humble yourself under his mighty hand.

    Love you so much~

  8. Thank you, little sister.
    My love for you has not abated. I hope you will stay in touch with me!
    Much Love,

    May God bless you to the fullest measure, my beloved sister.

  9. holy crap were to do live???? you crash and people leave you hanging and steal your stuff

    • I live in South Florida. But that isn’t the point, it’s the same everywhere, human nature being what it is.
      This happened during RUSH HOUR when hundreds of cars and people were going by from four different directions and not one person called 911. I find that a lot more shocking than the theivery, which is really not all that surprising.
      Of course at the time I was not so calm. (Laughing) But I guess time gives you perspective…

  10. Hi Juliet; I pray you are doing better. Just wanted to say hi. I remember the good ole days laughing and sticking up for eachother.

  11. Wow, Dan! It has been a long time, hasn’t it? We sure did have a good time debating and having each other’s backs.
    The good old days for sure!
    Why don’t you give me a call sometime? My phone number hasn’t changed.


    PS BareNakedIslam’s blog is so good that I have been hanging there quite a bit. If you loathe the islamisation of the US that is the place to be!

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