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Posted in Anti-Islamic Politics, Christianity on December 27, 2010 by julietsm

I don’t know about you, but I am an angry Christian!  How could I not be?  Look at what Islam is doing to the world!


It’s all or nothing with these terrorists.  There is no reasoning with it, there is no appeasing it, and with the Muslim-in-Chief sitting in the Oval Office, things are not looking too good.

I was reading some comments at  BareNakedIslam’s website, and something that someone said got me going.  He said that when he tried to talk to his pastor about the growing threat of Islam he was rebuked!  He was told that he is an “Islamophobe”.  People, we do not have some kind of disorder!  We are sick to death of all the political correctness!  I was shocked that a speaker for the EDL in England was arrested for “hate speech” because he said “Mohammed was a pirate and a pedophile”.  HE WAS.  Poor Europe, having itself silenced this way…  Thank God for voices like Geert Wilder’s who pioneered the “Fighting back at Islam” spirit.  WE HAVE TO FIGHT BACK!  What is left?  If we leave it to our leaders we will all be dead.  I heard about a woman in Pakistan who could not pay the jizyah…  Her two year-old son was taken away from her, barbecued, and given back to her on a bed of rice!


Are we just sitting ducks, waiting for our ultimate demise?  These people know how to fight – so I say if a fight is what they want then a fight they are going to get!

Islam is the most vile evil on the planet and it MUST BE WIPED OUT.  I suggest that we unite.  You don’t have to be a Christian or a Jew, you just have to HATE ISLAM AND EVERYTHING IT STANDS FOR to be a part of my club.  I am going to call it CUAI.  Citizens United Against Islam.  Are you tired of the headlines, day after day, about some Somali or other thug (and you know they are thugs!) doing their level best to tear down all we hold dear?  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

If you are not informed about Islam, go to my Youtube Page “Silmalila” and educate yourself.  I for one have had more than enough of our nations letting these uncivilised pigs in so they can wreak havoc.  And don’t give me that blather about “The Religion of Peace” either.  There is no peace about ISLAM!  It is nothing but bloodshed and terrorism.

So if you are a citizen that thinks it’s time to unite as one and actually DO SOMETHING then contact me.  Let’s brainstorm.  There has to be a way to fight the damned Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR. THERE HAS TO BE A WAY TO FIGHT BACK AND I SAY WE SHOULD DO IT!