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A Speech That Was Never Given

Posted in Anti-Islamic Politics with tags on January 17, 2011 by julietsm

I have many European freinds, friends who are very dear to me.  When they tell me what is going on in their countries I am hearthroken, because Europe is not Europe anymore.  It has become Eurabia.

One of my dear friends in Europe, in the Netherlands in fact,  is Marc Barendregt, an army verteran from the 11th  Pantser Ifantrie Balaljon.

He very much wanted to make a specch, a speech addressing the problems that face Europe; with Islamonazis taking over their country one has to wonder how things ever got that way.  Marc certainly questions it, and the speech he ws to make in his own country, in Norway and Denmark,  was refused him.  Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister in Holland said no, Jonas Gaher Store, the Prime Minister of Norway would not permit Marc to make his speech, in addition Ms. Lene Esperson, the Prime MInister of Denmark, also refused him.

I am posting his speech here, and I ask that you remember that English is not his first language, but that you feel his passion and the desire for his country to be the way it was once more.  As for you leaders who would not allow him to make his speech, shame on you.   Shame on you for giving more rights to the Muslims in your countries who are apparently only wanted by YOU.  Not one person I know wants those people in your countries, and I know Marc doesn’t.

Marc’s Speech:

Let me begin with a joke: Islam.

I hope you all get it.

Islam is a religion forged to take over the everyday life of the ordinary people, politics and to overthrow democracy. As you can see now, it controls the lives of all the people in entire Europe. If someone walks on the street and he sees Muslims, he might think: Is this what they worry about? Or: That Wilders is right. No one can see the Muslims as normal people, because it always plays with your mind. Now in France, the southern part of it, is dominated by Islamic ghetto’s, and are out of police control. In Belgium there is the organization Sharia 4 Belgium. And in the Dutch we have De Hofstad Groep, Hofstad Group. This Hofstad Groep, are responsible for the death of Theo van Gogh. The leftwing politicians in Europe gained grant from the EU, to let Arabic foreigners come into their country. They filled their pockets over our backs. Crimes raised out of proportions, old folks afraid to go out after 18.00 hour. In Rotterdam over 47% of the population is Islamic. Over 500 churches turned over into Mosques. In the entire European Union there are over 50.000.000 Muslims. In the USA there are over 9.000.000 Muslims. In Europe the birth rate is between 1.3 and 1.8. That is too low to maintain a healthy culture. The solution was immigration, Islamic immigration. But this didn’t solve anything, and the problems got worse. The birth rate of Islamic family’s is 8.1 per family. If it goes on like this Islam will be the dominating culture. Every year between 30.000 and 40.000 non-Islamic Dutch people migrate out of Europe, afraid of the Islamic take over. But this people, is not enough to make the politicians stop the immigration of Muslims. Far from it. Every year the immigration doubles. And only because they get paid for letting those people into Europe. About 40.000 Arabs enter the Dutch, just as much as people leaving the Dutch. Only to maintain the population. But within 30 years that population will be an Islamic society. That is the purpose of Islam. If they can’t win with violence they will do it migrating. That way they turn the country into an Islamic state from inside out.

In Sweden white woman get raped by Islamic youngsters. In the Dutch city of Utrecht in the part: Kanalenwijk, over 300 Muslims terrorized the town for more than 3 years before the police decided to intervene. They also tried to start a political Islamic party. Fortunately that didn’t happen. 37% of the Muslims in Europe think its fine to terrorize those who are against the Islam and their book the Quran. But still that is not enough to say no against Islamic immigration. People the world our children and grandchildren will inherit, will be completely different from now. That is a fact that we can’t ignore. The world will be dominated by Islam. We can see it change already. Say no to Islamic immigration, say no to leftwing politicians.

Turkey will join the EU within the next three years. They all speak of how good it is going over there, but they all ignore that more than 200 catholic priests get murdered over there each year. They get murdered by fanatic Muslims. That is also a fact that is being ignored by our governments. Stop the Islamization. Say no to Islam.