A Speech That Was Never Given

I have many European freinds, friends who are very dear to me.  When they tell me what is going on in their countries I am hearthroken, because Europe is not Europe anymore.  It has become Eurabia.

One of my dear friends in Europe, in the Netherlands in fact,  is Marc Barendregt, an army verteran from the 11th  Pantser Ifantrie Balaljon.

He very much wanted to make a specch, a speech addressing the problems that face Europe; with Islamonazis taking over their country one has to wonder how things ever got that way.  Marc certainly questions it, and the speech he ws to make in his own country, in Norway and Denmark,  was refused him.  Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister in Holland said no, Jonas Gaher Store, the Prime Minister of Norway would not permit Marc to make his speech, in addition Ms. Lene Esperson, the Prime MInister of Denmark, also refused him.

I am posting his speech here, and I ask that you remember that English is not his first language, but that you feel his passion and the desire for his country to be the way it was once more.  As for you leaders who would not allow him to make his speech, shame on you.   Shame on you for giving more rights to the Muslims in your countries who are apparently only wanted by YOU.  Not one person I know wants those people in your countries, and I know Marc doesn’t.

Marc’s Speech:

Let me begin with a joke: Islam.

I hope you all get it.

Islam is a religion forged to take over the everyday life of the ordinary people, politics and to overthrow democracy. As you can see now, it controls the lives of all the people in entire Europe. If someone walks on the street and he sees Muslims, he might think: Is this what they worry about? Or: That Wilders is right. No one can see the Muslims as normal people, because it always plays with your mind. Now in France, the southern part of it, is dominated by Islamic ghetto’s, and are out of police control. In Belgium there is the organization Sharia 4 Belgium. And in the Dutch we have De Hofstad Groep, Hofstad Group. This Hofstad Groep, are responsible for the death of Theo van Gogh. The leftwing politicians in Europe gained grant from the EU, to let Arabic foreigners come into their country. They filled their pockets over our backs. Crimes raised out of proportions, old folks afraid to go out after 18.00 hour. In Rotterdam over 47% of the population is Islamic. Over 500 churches turned over into Mosques. In the entire European Union there are over 50.000.000 Muslims. In the USA there are over 9.000.000 Muslims. In Europe the birth rate is between 1.3 and 1.8. That is too low to maintain a healthy culture. The solution was immigration, Islamic immigration. But this didn’t solve anything, and the problems got worse. The birth rate of Islamic family’s is 8.1 per family. If it goes on like this Islam will be the dominating culture. Every year between 30.000 and 40.000 non-Islamic Dutch people migrate out of Europe, afraid of the Islamic take over. But this people, is not enough to make the politicians stop the immigration of Muslims. Far from it. Every year the immigration doubles. And only because they get paid for letting those people into Europe. About 40.000 Arabs enter the Dutch, just as much as people leaving the Dutch. Only to maintain the population. But within 30 years that population will be an Islamic society. That is the purpose of Islam. If they can’t win with violence they will do it migrating. That way they turn the country into an Islamic state from inside out.

In Sweden white woman get raped by Islamic youngsters. In the Dutch city of Utrecht in the part: Kanalenwijk, over 300 Muslims terrorized the town for more than 3 years before the police decided to intervene. They also tried to start a political Islamic party. Fortunately that didn’t happen. 37% of the Muslims in Europe think its fine to terrorize those who are against the Islam and their book the Quran. But still that is not enough to say no against Islamic immigration. People the world our children and grandchildren will inherit, will be completely different from now. That is a fact that we can’t ignore. The world will be dominated by Islam. We can see it change already. Say no to Islamic immigration, say no to leftwing politicians.

Turkey will join the EU within the next three years. They all speak of how good it is going over there, but they all ignore that more than 200 catholic priests get murdered over there each year. They get murdered by fanatic Muslims. That is also a fact that is being ignored by our governments. Stop the Islamization. Say no to Islam.


19 Responses to “A Speech That Was Never Given”

  1. Can you see the hand of God in this?

    All that is taking place today is going according to the will of God.
    The world prides itself in itself,as they continue to look to the here and now and not heavenward.

    Yah’shuah foretold us that in the day that he would be revealed in glory that the world will be as it was in the days of Lot. People would be more concerned about their daily business—eating and drinking, buying and selling, farming and building,,,

    The islamic invasion in Europe is like our invasion of mexicans in the United States, both of our countries leaders have chosen to turn a blind eye to the problem in order to further their political means and pocket books, and perhaps also out of fear, as far the muslms are concerned.

    The respected countries of both America and the U.K. are cutting the throats of their own citizens by allowing this to continue,

    So what recourse does that leave with us, the citizenry?

    To prepare as best we can, because the apathy and indifferance of the majority will not allow them to act until it is to late. The reason we are where we are today is due to the irresponsible actions and attitudes of our own citizens who have allowed luxury to breed complacency.The days of posessing a backbone that made this country strong are gone.

    It is written of endtime spiritual Bablyon;
    The feet and toes you saw that were a combination of iron and clay show that this kingdom will be divided.
    Some parts of it will be as strong as iron, and others as weak as clay.
    And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay.
    During the reigns of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed; no one will ever conquer it. It will shatter all these kingdoms into nothingness, but it will stand forever.

    Can the allusion to America and Europe be anymore staggering as it is today?

    There is also a play on words here that gives evidence who these nations will allow themselves to be mingled with. The word for mixture is spelled as ‘arab’, meaning an arabian/muslim in our modern termanology, that will mingle themselves with these last day kingdoms and usher in their downfall.

    But not before these two kingdoms set the world on fire with a nuclear holocaust unequaled in the history of the world.

  2. Well, John the Revelator did say the world would be destroyed by fire in the end, so I agree with you there.
    On the other hand, I do not think that you can compare Mexicans with Muslims. Mexicans, for the most part, want a place to lay their head and a taco (j/k) while the Islamists seek to overthrow our government and kill us.
    You just can’t compare the two.
    And my friend certainly is living in a nightmare world. Where an artist had to take down a painting that had the words “Thou Shalt not Kill” (in reaction to the murder of Theo Van Gogh) because it could be interpretted as “Hate Speech”?

    Since when is the Bible “Hate speech”?
    You have no idea how bad it is there. Geert Wilders is being tried for Hate Speech, although he is not going to lose, it is a foregone conclusion. Thank God the Nederlanders still have some sense.
    But the government there treats the Muslims like visiting royalty, and it’s native population has to support them… This is tearing Europe apart.
    And while we know that the world is not going to last, we must struggle for what is right as long as we are in it.

    • ‘This is tearing Europe apart.
      And while we know that the world is not going to last, we must struggle for what is right as long as we are in it.’

      Very well said Juliet.

  3. Thanks sis you did a fine job.

  4. Islam today is a politico-religious system based on the principle of slavery.The goal of Islamic ideology, as depicted in its fundamental texts, is to enforce, willingly or not, Sharia law upon Humanity.Sharia law contains the obligation of Jihad, to wage it or to support those who do it, militarily, politically, culturally, socially, and economically.Sharia law violates Human Rights and the principles of Democracy, it abolishes the right to life, and it threatens the physical integrity and right to property of those who refuse to submit.It has encouraged conquest, wars, slavery, countless persecutions and murders, and genocides like the Armenian one and today’s systematic attempts to annihilate religious minorities. 14 centuries of efforts to enforce Sharia law on mankind have carved a bloody scar in human history.Any promotion or spreading, directly or indirectly, of Sharia law make those who commit it are accomplices to religious incitement to hatred and violence on a worldwide scale and thus accomplices of a crime against humanity.

    This must be known, this must be said.

    We declare 2011 to be the International Year of Truth About Islam.

    • Indeed it must be said, and you have said it well.
      When will the world come to see the truth, that this is NOT A RELIGION?
      How long will we permit this savage cult to shelter under the word ‘religion’?

  5. I couldn’t think of anything worse than to be told to shut the fuck up by so called do gooders in ones native country.
    I for one would certainly fight to the death to protect what the soldiers of the west died for. Thank you for sharing Marc Barendregt’s story Julia.


  6. It was my pleasure to publish Marc’s speech.
    Thousands of people read my blog, despite the fact that few comment here.
    I understand that things are not that far behind the Netherlands in Oz, too.
    The world cannot continue this way. We are either heading for war, or at the very least there will be civil war in many countries. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.
    Please be aware that my next post is coming soon, in which I will expose the things which are going on the mosques which they build on OUR SOIL They teach the violent overthrow of our countries and making Islamic states of them, as you are aware.
    As for all these dumy/dhimmis, are they unaware that under sharia they would all be standing in line for head removal along with the rest of us?
    We MUST get the right leaders in and the dhimmis out!
    As for them, they should be shot for the traitors they are!

  7. I am so pleased any time that I read that Islam is not a religion but rather a warrior culture and hate-based political ideology. Thank you for keeping the truth about Islam out here. Bless you.

  8. mrmarinedadx2 Says:

    hey juliet! i miss u. computers still offline. my son got home safe from afghanistan. hope ur doing well

    • I’m sorry I have been neglecting my blog, but I am subscribed to so many blogs and websites that I simply can’t keep up.
      I came here just now to write a new article.
      Let’s take care of that issue we discussed, ok?

  9. Just keep on fighting for the right thing my courageous lady .

  10. muslim and proud Says:

    the truth…
    mohamed prophet of allah
    jesus prophet of allah
    moses prophet of allah
    i love mohamed, jesus and moses
    muslim is not a terrorist i’m very sad becouse u hate us
    believe me we love jesus
    there is no god but allah and mohamed , jesus and moses are the messengers of ALLAH

    • Of course you love Jesus – Jesus is coming back to ‘break the cross’ at the side of Muhammad according to your ‘religion’. Jesus is no ‘superhero’ figure subordinate to the tyrannical Allah (Lucifer) but the Son of God, peerless and righteous. In order to have a righteous prophet, you must surely dump the mass-murdering, fly-eating paedophile Muhammad and embrace Jesus and convert to Christianity.

      And what’s more, if you Muslims all love Jesus, why the HELL are you bastards persecuting and killing Christians across the Muslim World even today? Answer THAT and remain fashionable.

    • I do wish you bloody Muslims would stop clucking like a bunch of old hens.

      You mean that with all their violence, oppression, rape, sick cultural demands like halal slaughter and genital mutilation and all the other crap (Islam), they STILL don’t know why people don’t like them? Get the hell over yourselves.

      • Ah yes. We can definitely go there, Michael. I had so much I wanted to bring up…
        I am glad you did.
        What a breath of fresh air you are! I have had it with the dhimmis and Muslims who try to tell me I just don’t understand the ‘religion of peace’. Oh, I understand it alright.
        Excuse me, I am going to vomit.
        Thanks for your input!

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