Obama’s IRS: The ILLEGAL TARGETING Of Vets And Patriots Alike. What’s Their End Point?…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

ANYTHING smacking of patriotic ethos is a ‘legitimate’ target for Obama Inc.’s goon squads at the IRS, you know, those same guys and gals who will soon be in charge of ‘monitoring’ compliance with Obamacare! As such, if one wanted to whip up a more nightmarish point of combustion for average, patriotic Americans, as opposed to the ‘protected’ classes under their purview (be they illegals, Muslim Americans, gays and garden variety radical leftist NO GO zones), one would be hard pressed to find a more mischief- making recipe. Could it get any worse?

As is said, the proofs are in the pudding, so consider their animus ALREADY displayed: ‘Mama Janet’ did resign, yet DHS and their fixation on vets will continue. Indeed, bulls eyes are painted on the backs of vets. How dare they! Never mind, they have their (political/ideological) ‘reasons’.

YET, one group of vets…

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