Syria’s CHEMICAL WARFARE Has More Than One Address: Barack HUSSEIN Obama Enters The Mix Via ‘Rebel’ Assists. How So? War Criminals Galore…Commentary BY Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

The following commentary, Syria’s Chemical Warfare Not What It Appears: ‘Rebels’ Fingerprints Too, elicited genuine shock from many readers, prompting countless IM’s to this blogger’s FB – termed an ‘eye opening’ – as well as tsk, tsks from others who preferred to attach a fantastical appellation, rather than consider that Assad’s thugs weren’t the main culprits. Yet, they more than likely responded in kind and their bloody hands can never be washed clean.

Internalize: BOTH sides are barbarians ! Repeat: this war (like all the others) involves inter-Arab Muslim warfare, a continuation of centuries of bloodshed! Nevertheless, some wars are nudged along by outside forces, but it takes little incentive to get them to slaughter one another. This is a historical fact. Deal with it.

Alas, it is still too hard (for dreamers/naysayers) to comprehend that ‘rebels’ are not always the ‘good’ guys, as reported in

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