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Egypt’s Executioner: Strangling Has Been My Hobby Since Childhood, I Just Love My Job

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How charming that a sadistic psychopath gets a free pass from the state to enjoy becoming a serial killer. What a sick country.

The Muslim Issue


He was evil already in his childhood. Is anyone surprised? It’s not an isolated mentality. The majority of them are evil by nature. He openly admits that he was ‘a small satan’.

There exist no moral or humanitarian consciousness in him at all. He cannot even see that he himself is the very evil he pretends to despise, as an excuse to kill anything that moves. That level of reasoning doesn’t exist in this muslim. Few of them possess any normal sense of humanity. One need only to look at their own countries, and the atrocities they openly endorsed to realize we are dealing with a subhuman mindset that is stuck in a true expression of evil. In this world there doesn’t exist a single muslim majority society that is not an image of a nightmarish satanic fable.

Hajj Abd Al-Nabi brags how he started his career as an obsessive hobby…

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DEFILING The Kiddies Via “Koshering” Pedophilia: The Left’s Next Phase For Bringing Down America Amidst Sexual Gratification/Perversion…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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I have been seething over this for years. Adina has done a thorough job here and I thank her. The ‘progressives’ seem to think that morality is ‘evolving’. What they are trying to do is remove every trace of Judeo-Christian morality from the face of the earth.
Morality doesn’t change, just as God is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Adina Kutnicki

Has anyone wondered why theleft/red set feels so at home in the Islamist/green milieu, championing them at every twist and turn, as they forward march arm in arm? Well, some will posit that Allah-loving Islamists have little in common with G-dless leftists – or so it would seem. NOT so fast.

Aside for their abiding hatred of western civilization, underpinned by Judeo-Christian moorings, their obsessive fondness for under-aged kiddies is more than a bonding factor. A mutual admiration/attraction lust-pack! NO joke.

It is no secret that Muhammed took a kiddie bride, her name was Aisha, and no matter how many times his followers claim he wasn’t a pedophile, well, good luck with that tall tale. But some things still require visual aids, so here’s one for the books – Don’t shoot the messenger!

Back to the left’s pedophilia “koshering”…


Exclusive: Matt…

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Stupid Vicar Wants To Assist The Islamization Of Britain And The Demise Of Christianity

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Dhimwit doesn’t begin to cover it!

Kafir Crusaders

Waltham Forest Council’s planning committee have refused an application for a new mosque in the London Borough which already has 16 mosques. Around 200 people gathered outside a packed council chamber on Tuesday night as Waltham Forest Council’s planning committee decided on the application from the Faizan-e-Islam organisation to convert the Waltham Oak pub in Lea Bridge Road, Walthamstow. Local residents and committee members had expressed concern at the loss of a landmark historical pub, The application was then denied on the grounds of potential disturbance to people living in sheltered housing next door and predicted parking congestion in the area at prayer times.

proposed mosque

The Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA), which supports communities to save their local pubs from closure and demolition, said it was “delighted” the bid was rejected. James Watson Pubs Preservation Officer for the East London & City branch of CAMRA, said: “More and more local authorities are at last beginning…

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DHS & (Not So) Stealth Jihad: Obama Inc. PROMOTES Muslim Brotherhood Mafia Infiltrator.What Are The Ramifications? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood operative. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Consider the following:

Adina Kutnicki

There is no other group in the world which compares to Islamists in regard to their unparalleled, unabashed, impervious belief in Muslim supremacy. Their “righteous” indignation. Their absolute hegemony. It is this radical ideology which has imperiled the entire world, as they swathe across the globe with unquenchable blood lust. The worst is yet to come. In fact, the “marriage” of Islamists with WMD’s assures a deadly on target outcome.

Aside from countless Islamic attacks – in just a span of a few days – Al Qaeda jihadists (Americans in tandem) mutilated “infidels” in Kenya and it is hardly shocking because barbarism is core to Sharia Law. Without even pausing, fellow Islamists headed to Nigeria and gunned down 50 students, as additional ‘sacrifices’ to Allah – their bloody idol of worship – “Molima Idi Mato of the Yobe state College of Agriculture in rural north-east Nigeria told AP…

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