About Julietsm


I currently reside in Miami, Florida, where I have spent the majority of my life.  I have lived in Knoxville, TN, San Fransisco, CA, San Juan, PR, and was born in Shaker Heights, Ohio.  Miami, however, is home.   I have one child, a son, and am single after having twice been divorced.  I am a lover of books, film, anime, and figure skating.

To all who visit this site, I pray that God bless you to the fullest measure.


20 Responses to “About Julietsm”

  1. neil duerden Says:

    Just to say this is a great page Juliet&I will visit you on a regular basis!!
    Love Neil-x-x

    • Thanks, Neil. I have a lot of things that I want to talk about with others, and finally I have found the perfect forum in which to do it. Your comments and contributions are greatly appreciated. May God bless you ’til your cup overflows!

  2. I am so proud of you and the things you are accomplishing for the Lord. Great job Juliet, the Lord has blessed you with your writing skills. Keep using them for Jesus.

  3. A true cild of God Juliet! I always look forward to your great and insightful words in your blog!

    I am proud to be a friend of yours! Keep up these great works which I know are one of the reasons that He has blessed you with this gift!

    Much love as always my friend and sister,

    Bless you always my dear!

    Gus : ) xxxxxxx

  4. Ooops! That should say child of God! Sheesh!

  5. Hey there… didn’t know you had a blog… BOOKMARKED 🙂 I’ll message you on youtube. Hugs and kisses, Ryan.

  6. rezlimey Says:

    APSOC38 from YT here. I’m going to check back every now and then to peruse through your blogs. God bless! 🙂

    • You know, its very timely, your message. The next story I am going to post is one that has been exceeding painful to write, and I really will need my Christian brethren to help me deal with some of the feelings it has invariably brought to the surface.
      Once you have read it, it will all make perfect sense, and I will really need all the support I can get.
      There are some scars that never go away, unfortunately, but I think my God-given ability to write about things has helped me immeasurably.
      God bless you to the fullest measure, my friend.


  7. I could write you a list of Reformed Christians who disagree with you. So if we disagree with you we are wrong and of course you are right?
    I will stick with my friends of sound doctrine, some of whom are friends with James White who you seem to hold in such high esteem.
    Before attempting to teach you need to learn.
    And find some love in that empty heart of yours; without which you are but a clanging gong and noisy cymbal.

  8. Kirk Bookmyer, you are blocked.
    You are sick sick sick and your words are NOT welcome here.
    I suggest you go soak your head
    write some more about the children you are so delighted to know that God has ordained to be raped. Your own words speak for themselves, I don’t need to gossip about you. EVERY CALVINIST I KNOW THINKS YOU’RE A MENTAL CASE.
    I will tell the whole world just how sick I think you are, and it isn’t gossip:

  9. In case you are wondering, Kirk Bookmyer thinks he can get around every block I have constructed to KEEP HIM OUT.
    Guess what Kirk? This is my blog, and your sicko ideas are most assuredly NOT WELCOME here.
    Anyone who wants to know the sort of things he believes should just google his name. You will find out in double quick time that this man’s ideas about God and His judgement delight him to no end! He is thrilled to see children raped “Why shouldn’t they be punished, because they are cute and cuddly”?
    The man is sick. You are welcome to find out, or not, for yourself.

    What kind of person thinks that God ordains children to be raped as punishment. In his own words “Why shouldn’t they be punished: because they are so cute and cuddly?”
    How about because Jesus said it would be better to have a millstone tied around your neck and thrown into lake than to harm a hair on their heads?



  10. One last thing I have to say to you, Kirk Bookliar:
    People do not reject you because you are ‘holy’. They don’t reject you because they ‘hate the truth’ as you seem to think.
    They reject you because you are WRONG. They reject you because you are a smug, self-righteous man who delights in God’s judgement but never mentions His love, mercy and compassion. Pray that the judgement you would mete out on others does not fall on YOUR head.
    People don’t like you.
    Want to know how I know this?
    Because I have been auditing YOU.

    “If a man knoweth not love, he knoweth not God!”:

  11. Dear Juliet,

    I happened to read one of your Articles on REPENTANCE and I must say I am completely bowled ! WOW !

    I admire your courage because a person needs lot of courage to accept a mistake and that too, in public – you are simply awesome and I am so honoured to be your friend. My respect for you has grown 100 fold.

    Lots of hugs and love.

  12. Juliete,
    Your passion for your beliefs comes through in your writing with powerful conviction…Rest assured your readers know your message and feel your words.
    I will visit here often, to remind myself of your mission, and inspire myself with driven motivation.
    If it is alright with you, I would like to infuse some of your writing into my own work…if this is a problem, please let me know.
    Keep up the good fight, and continue your good works…

    • Nope, not a problem Jim.
      I really need to write something new, I have been so busy trying to organise a demonstration and keeping up with my Facebook and Youtube channels I have’t had the time. Trust me, I have a lot to say!

  13. *May the spirit never cease to dwell in your heart ….you are by far the most courageous woman I met on the net .

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