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Is The End Closer Than We Thought?

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Dear Readers,

So much has changed since the last time I posted an entry it’s ridiculous; or perhaps it’s that so much has come to light.  We can use Europe as an example of what is in store for us.  I have made much of the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda, but for good reason.  All of the terrorist front groups in the US, unindicted coconspiritors from the Holy Land Foundation trial (the government said they did not have the resources to convict them all, even though it’s a proven fact that every single one of them (except CAIR, since it had not yet been born) were guilty of financing the 9/11 attack.  Now doesn’t that sound fishy to you?  The most extreme case of terrorism in our history, and the government cannot be bothered to go for a conviction?  Not only have they not gone for a conviction of these groups, but they have actively been supporting them.  Remember when Holder was unable to say that islam was responsible for acts of terrorism?

Here is something I recently concluded.  Why would the usurper have such a patently obvious forgery of his ‘birth certificate’ made and then present it to the American people?  I will tell you why.  HE WAS GIVING AMERICA THE FINGER.  Yes, it was his way of saying “And so?  What are YOU going to do about it?  I AM ABOVE THE LAW.”  And indeed he has been.  Why do you think that is?  I have a theory, and if you really think about it you will realise that it must be true.  THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND ALL OF IT’S SPINOFF’S HAVE BEEN THREATENING PEOPLE’S LIVES AND THE LIVES OF THEIR FAMILIES.  Nothing else makes any sense.  We took away the House from the usurper during Midterms, and yet what has changed?  We hear constantly that he “bypassed Congress again”, we hear of him doing highly illegal things, he appoints our sworn enemies (The MB has sworn they will destroy ‘our miserable house’ from WITHIN) to highly sensitive positions like Homeland Security.  And here is something that should make you suspicious and frightened: he has been quietly and secretly disarming us nuclearly.

Recently Pamela Geller was slated to speak at the Sugarland Hyatt Hotel in Texas, and at the last minute she was told ‘forget it’, basically.  Yet the Sugarland Hyatt has hosted terrorists speaking at their Hotel, and I mean some seriously OBVIOUS enemies who didn’t bother to even hide or sugar-coat their aims.  These videos can be found on Youtube…  Why do you suppose they allowed that?  Again, it’s my belief they have been threatened.  I think I am danger for merely writing this and posting it on the internet.  Those FEMA camps are looking more and more like Concentration Camps.  I used to laugh at people who thought there was something evil behind the FEMA camps.  I figured, like many others, that they were merely in place in case of a natural disaster.  There has to be a way to get rid of all those corpses; right?  But not anymore…  I am firmly convinced that the first people they will want to get rid of are the senior citizens, Christians and Jews who refuse to convert or submit to islam, and all Buddhists, Hindus, anyone the muslims deem not to be ‘people of the book’.  They will want, however, our youth.  Beautiful girls and boys will be used for sodomy, the rest will be used for slave labour.  Trust me, after the jizyah (extortion money) is paid, people will scarcely have enough to eat…  They will look like ambulatory skeletons.  If you think I am making this up, there are several sources where you can discover the truth for yourself.  The most obvious place to find the truth are in the sunna, hadiths, and quran.  Muslims are the original nazis, and anyone who calls ME a fascist is ignorant of the facts and has not read these sources for themselves.  The reason you believe as you do is because you figure that nobody would allow anything ‘bad’ to happen to the US, but we can thank Carter, Clinton, Bush, and to the largest degree the usurper himself.  He actually has a database of everyone who mentions his name online and clearly I am on it, especially because of the company I keep…  If I should disappear suddenly, there is a good chance that I have been taken out.  Am I being paranoid?  Absolutely not.

Did you know that Europe has, for the most part, made criticism of islam a criminal offense?  It doesn’t matter if it’s true; if it offends muslims it is a CRIME.  In Britain you can get a seven-year stretch in prison for ‘insulting islam’.  THEY HAVE BLASPHEMY LAWS!  Did you know that Norway has decided to live under sharia?  Not the people of course, but the government has decided for them.  You would not believe how horrible the conditions in Norway are.

Here is another interesting fact: they are teaching islam to our children in the public schools.  Academia has been taken over by islam, one of MB’s aims…  The usurper has destroyed our economy, one of the MB’s aims.  He has weakened our military, ONE OF THE MB’S AIM’S.  Are you beginning to see a pattern here?  Anyone with a lick of sense would never want to live under sharia; but people appear to support it because they have been INTIMIDATED BY THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.  Google: Muslims tell DOJ: Find a way to make insulting islam a criminal offense.  Here is something which should horrify you: the American Psychiatric Association is trying to get paedophilia taken off the list of abberent behaviour and out of the DSM.  Why on earth would they do that?  THEY ARE PAVING THE WAY FOR ISLAM AND SHARIA, because paedophilia is a common practice in the islamic ‘faith’.  (IT ISN’T A RELIGION, IT’S A FASCIST, TOTALITARIAN POLITICAL SYSTEM.)  Here is a quick check you can make to decide whether or not you would like to live under sharia: ask yourself if you would like to live in an islamic country, where men marry babies if they so desire and ‘thight’ them (they use the thighs for friction on the penis, they use the baby for a masturbation tool, where little girls including toddlers are sodomised, where mohammad is considered to be ‘the perfect man’ when he was a mass-murderer, a paedophile, a hater of women, who said allah approved warring on other people’s until the entire world says “There is no god but allah and mohammad is his messenger” and taking their women and children as ‘war booty’, where women are not allowed to go out without a man escorting them, (nor can they drive a car) where women are forced to wear a burqa, where women are regularly raped and beaten by their husbands, where every Friday there are stonings and amputations, where first cousins regularly marry, where the preferable way of having sex by men is sodomy since they believe that having sex with little boys is the most desirable kind of sex, and where little girls have their clitoris carved out with a razor blade and their vaginas sewn shut, leaving only a tiny hole through which they urinate and have sex.  IS THIS THE WAY YOU WANT TO LIVE? IS THIS THE FUTURE YOU WANT FOR YOUR CHILDREN?  Am I really a ‘hater’ because I am sounding the alarm and begging people to learn the truth for themselves about islam?  Why don’t you check out Ann Barnhardt’s videos about muslim sexuality on Youtube?  Did you know that the American Pediatric Society ‘nicks’ the clitoris of baby muslim girls regularly?  They are preparing them for Female Genital Mutilation, and if you think they are anesthetised whilst undergoing FGM watch any number of videos where they actually show little girls undergoing this horrific ordeal.

This is all coming about faster than anyone could have guessed because the usurper is stepping up his game.  He has to, he knows that his days are numbered.  Btw, check out the video ‘Is [the usurper] a Saudi Plant by Avi Lipkin on Youtube.  You are going to be horrified by what you find there.

Like I said, if you doubt my voracity and think I am a bigot, a hater, and a fascist because I am anti-islam, read the sunna, hadiths, and quran.  Better yet, go to  It will be a whole lot easier to discover the truth there, (reading the sunna, hadiths, and quran is a tall order) and he quotes all of these source materials which can be checked if you doubt his voracity.

The one thing we have going for us is the fact that there are 80 million gun owners who belong to the NRA.  Our forefathers knew that what is happening would happen eventually, and they did not want the people to be unarmed and unable to put a stop to it.  There are also the Oathkeepers, whose website you can check out for yourself.  There are a number of militias across the country.  America is not going to fold without a fight.  But make no mistake, there is going to be blood running in the streets.  Many will die.  We will not be able to easily get out of this and you know why?  Because millions of Americans call people like me a ‘fascist, bigot, racist, and hater’.  They call me these without realising the truth that it is the muslims who are the fascists, bigots, racists, and haters.  They support islam, even bringing imams into their churches and synagogues to ‘teach’ people about islam.  Taqiyya is an islamic duty to lie to further islamic expansion, so do you think they are going to tell you what their true goals are?  At any rate, Jesus warned us again and again about false religions, so Christians who do this are not real Christians in my opinion.  HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT?  And how can you expose your congregation to something which is deadly and bent on destroying us?

The muslims will never rest until the entire world is under an islamic caliphate, sharia enforced on EVERYONE.

Ask yourself, “Is that what I really want?”  Is this the future you want for your children?  Trust me, we are in grave danger but I have changed my timetable considerably since I know that the usurper is bringing tens of thousands of HAMAS operatives here.  Things are going to begin happening very quickly.




A Speech That Was Never Given

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I have many European freinds, friends who are very dear to me.  When they tell me what is going on in their countries I am hearthroken, because Europe is not Europe anymore.  It has become Eurabia.

One of my dear friends in Europe, in the Netherlands in fact,  is Marc Barendregt, an army verteran from the 11th  Pantser Ifantrie Balaljon.

He very much wanted to make a specch, a speech addressing the problems that face Europe; with Islamonazis taking over their country one has to wonder how things ever got that way.  Marc certainly questions it, and the speech he ws to make in his own country, in Norway and Denmark,  was refused him.  Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister in Holland said no, Jonas Gaher Store, the Prime Minister of Norway would not permit Marc to make his speech, in addition Ms. Lene Esperson, the Prime MInister of Denmark, also refused him.

I am posting his speech here, and I ask that you remember that English is not his first language, but that you feel his passion and the desire for his country to be the way it was once more.  As for you leaders who would not allow him to make his speech, shame on you.   Shame on you for giving more rights to the Muslims in your countries who are apparently only wanted by YOU.  Not one person I know wants those people in your countries, and I know Marc doesn’t.

Marc’s Speech:

Let me begin with a joke: Islam.

I hope you all get it.

Islam is a religion forged to take over the everyday life of the ordinary people, politics and to overthrow democracy. As you can see now, it controls the lives of all the people in entire Europe. If someone walks on the street and he sees Muslims, he might think: Is this what they worry about? Or: That Wilders is right. No one can see the Muslims as normal people, because it always plays with your mind. Now in France, the southern part of it, is dominated by Islamic ghetto’s, and are out of police control. In Belgium there is the organization Sharia 4 Belgium. And in the Dutch we have De Hofstad Groep, Hofstad Group. This Hofstad Groep, are responsible for the death of Theo van Gogh. The leftwing politicians in Europe gained grant from the EU, to let Arabic foreigners come into their country. They filled their pockets over our backs. Crimes raised out of proportions, old folks afraid to go out after 18.00 hour. In Rotterdam over 47% of the population is Islamic. Over 500 churches turned over into Mosques. In the entire European Union there are over 50.000.000 Muslims. In the USA there are over 9.000.000 Muslims. In Europe the birth rate is between 1.3 and 1.8. That is too low to maintain a healthy culture. The solution was immigration, Islamic immigration. But this didn’t solve anything, and the problems got worse. The birth rate of Islamic family’s is 8.1 per family. If it goes on like this Islam will be the dominating culture. Every year between 30.000 and 40.000 non-Islamic Dutch people migrate out of Europe, afraid of the Islamic take over. But this people, is not enough to make the politicians stop the immigration of Muslims. Far from it. Every year the immigration doubles. And only because they get paid for letting those people into Europe. About 40.000 Arabs enter the Dutch, just as much as people leaving the Dutch. Only to maintain the population. But within 30 years that population will be an Islamic society. That is the purpose of Islam. If they can’t win with violence they will do it migrating. That way they turn the country into an Islamic state from inside out.

In Sweden white woman get raped by Islamic youngsters. In the Dutch city of Utrecht in the part: Kanalenwijk, over 300 Muslims terrorized the town for more than 3 years before the police decided to intervene. They also tried to start a political Islamic party. Fortunately that didn’t happen. 37% of the Muslims in Europe think its fine to terrorize those who are against the Islam and their book the Quran. But still that is not enough to say no against Islamic immigration. People the world our children and grandchildren will inherit, will be completely different from now. That is a fact that we can’t ignore. The world will be dominated by Islam. We can see it change already. Say no to Islamic immigration, say no to leftwing politicians.

Turkey will join the EU within the next three years. They all speak of how good it is going over there, but they all ignore that more than 200 catholic priests get murdered over there each year. They get murdered by fanatic Muslims. That is also a fact that is being ignored by our governments. Stop the Islamization. Say no to Islam.

An Appeaser is One Who Feeds a Crocodile

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An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping he will be eaten last.

~Winston Churchill

The readers of my blog must think I have fallen off the face of the earth, since I have written nothing in quite some time.  Surprise!  I have not fallen off the face of the earth, but you may not recongnise me…  Those of you who know me know that I am a gentle person, not given to fits of rage or anger, full of love for my fellow man, and considerate of others.

You may not recognise me anymore because I am mad as hell and full of anger; I would go so far as to say that I have become enraged, in fact, and as for my fellow man, I am angry that so many of them have gleefully poisoned their minds with a cult of absolute evil and hatred for their fellow men, a political ideology that seeks to shelter under the word ‘religion’ and destroy everything that I hold dear. 

Yes, dear reader, I have become angry because of Islam, a word that normally I do not capitalise out of disrespect.  I only do it here because I have always wanted my articles to be as professional as possible, to use proper grammar and punctuation and capitalisation.  However, that is the last time I am going to capitalise islam, because I refuse to give it any credibility as a ‘religion’.  Islam is not a religion!  (Ok – (laughing)  Only if it’s at the beginning of a sentence!  I can only bend the rules of good writing so far!)

I have also changed my Youtube channel and Facebook page to reflect my outrage and concern for what is happening in the world, in fact, my absolute horror, and I want you to know that there is no going back.  From now on that is going to be the subject of discourse here.  It is all that I think about; I spend days on end online, staying up all night because sleep evades me (as it always has) but even moreso now; I am a woman driven.  The reason I am leaving up my old articles is so that those who do not know me can see that I am not lying about the kind of person I have always been; sensitive and gentle and thoughtful.  Many will be surprised to know that I have deeply Christian values too, and perhaps those people will no longer like me, but I have dealt with that before and will deal with it again.  For the time being, it is not my religion that is the issue here, but the cult of death, the moon god cult which islam is built upon.

I saw a comment that a friend of mine left on Facebook last week, and left a comment for him, not knowing the shitstorm that was about to ensue.  (Yes, I even use harsh language now, something which I always avoided in the past, whether online or in daily life.)  Basically, I said to him that it was important to vote for the right-wing, because the left-wing liberals are only furthering the cause of islam.  All one has to do is look to Europe, but I tell you that what is happening in Europe is already happening here, only on a smaller scale.  This has much to do with the size of our country and many other factors, nevertheless the muslims who are in the west are here for one reason, whether or not they even know it themselves, so great is their indoctrination and brainwashing.  They are here to destroy our democracy, plain and simple.  If you do not believe it, Oklahoma has already had to bring it to a vote to ensure that it never would happen, and of course it won. (Oklahoma wanted to make damn sure that sharia law would never be considered in their state.)   This is because at present, only one per cent of those who live there are muslim.  And even though it won by a 70% margin, the muslims are screaming ‘racism’ and CAIR is backing them and insisting on an appeal.  CAIR, that organisation which is supposed to bring about understanding between Americans and muslims has an agenda, but the cat is out of the bag at last.  More than that, a mole was sent into CAIR as an intern, and it is now known that CAIR has ties to Al Qaeda.  Does that surprise you?  Does that enrage you?

I digress.  I noticed that after I left the comment at my friend’s Facebook page, angry people kept posting comments about what a racist I am, that ‘that kind of thinking lead to the lynching of blacks’ and things of that nature.  I very patiently explained, as succinctly as possible, that in Europe muslims are trying to implement sharia in all of the countries they live in, that they march in the streets with placards saying ‘behead those who insult islam’ and  ‘sharia for Europe’ and that even in the US, a New Jersey judge used sharia law to decide a case between a man and wife.  In that case, the man had raped and beaten his wife so badly that she had to be hospitalised, yet the judge deemed that since ‘according to their religion this is perfectly acceptable’.  Of course, it was overturned, the man’s aquital, but this kind of thing is going to keep happening.  This is why I have become so driven, evil is evil and it is still evil even if tries to shelter under the word ‘religion’.  Are we going to let a barbaric cult of death infiltrate our nation and install it’s laws into America?

Every single person in the US came from elsewhere, with the exception of Native Americans.  Everyone’s parents, unless they themselves are immigrants, came here from another nation.  Everyone had to go through the process of integration and assimilation, and there are immigrants who are now undergoing this struggle.  But the islamists do not wish to integrate, they do not wish to assimilate, they want to claim America for itself, to islamise this country and ultimately make it an islamic state, a tyrannical theocratic barbaric one where there is no freedom.  A nation where all non-muslims are faced with a decision: submit or be killed.  This is the goal of islam: to force the world to it’s knees five times a day in the direction of Mecca.  “But Juliet, you can’t be serious!  How could a handful of muslims do that?”

Take a good look at what is happening in Europe today.  You aren’t going to get much information on the news, unfortunately, unless you watch right-wing news programs like Fox or MSNBC.  However, most people think that isn’t hip to watch, so they don’t.  The left-wing doesn’t want you to be informed, because they have their own agenda.  They keep throwing around ideas and words that are quite deceptive.  Multicuralism is one of them.  They want you to believe that all cultures are equal, but that simply isn’t so!  In Iran and Saudi Arabia gays are hanged regularly.  If a woman is raped, she is considered impure and is executed!  There are hangings and stonings and amputations every Friday.  And pedophilia is an accepted practise too.  it isn’t uncommon to see a little girl of ten married to an old man!  Since the muslims think Mohammed was ‘the perfect man’, they want to emulate him, and so pedophilia is a very common practice.  Further, they like to marry their cousins, and I mean first cousins, which no doubt has something to do with the high illiteracy rates…  Although, since there are islamic nations where little girls are killed if they try to go school, certainly that adds to the high rates.  Nevertheless, in the countries in Europe where the muslims are, most of them are receiving benefits from the government, which means that the taxpayers support them.  Most of the high school students drop out.  Rape statistics are the highest they have ever been, too…  The rapist are muslims and the victims are white European women.

Why do these left-wing liberals do it?  Politcal correctness, my friend.  The very thing that put Obama in the White House, even though it was known that he has a muslim father, even though it was known that his Harvard education was funded by Saudis who clearly had an agenda.  These people are called ‘dhimmis’ and ‘useful idiots’ by the islamists, but the leftists are clueless.  They think they are right, they think that everyone should have freedom of religion.  But…  What if a new religion which practises human sacrifice were to come to the US and demand to practise their religion here?  Would we permit it?  The lefties have no idea what islam teaches.  They haven’t bothered to find out.  They say ‘most muslims are peaceful’ and they place a dividing line between radical islam and the average muslim.  But the average muslim has the same book of hate from which they get their beliefs.  I do not hear an outcry form these ‘peaceful muslims’ about radical islam!  The leftists also believe that they can show the mulims that our way of life is better, they think they are reasonable people.  To be honest, I am not even sure that islamists are ‘people’ at all!

Are you beginning to see the picture?  Islam is a vile ideology which every child from every islamic nation is brainwashed and indoctrinated with.  They are taught jihad from the time they are babies.  They are taught that Jews are apes and pigs, and those who know me know that my father was Jewish so this is particularly abominable to me.  Here is a quote from a schoolbook that is used in Jordan and Palestine: “Islam will destroy all other religions through the islamic jihad fighters”.  We are not talking about terrorists, we are talking about regular kids…  THIS IS WHAT THEIR LITTLE BRAINS ARE BEING FED.

Clearly I have much to tell you.  And I will.  However, I have been on a five or six day run and am completely exhausted.  I have not forgotten about my blog;  I have been studying and researching and have devoted my Youtube channel and Facebook page to the cause of Freedom.

If you care about your freedom, you will do the same.  You will seek to educate yourselves about islam and add your voice to the cause if you truly care, as I have done.  Please, go to my channel at Youtube and start watching; if you are not aware of what is happening because you have only been feeding yourself a leftist diet of news, I urge you to start watching Hannity and O’Reilly and Fox news and MSNBC.  You can also go to their websites.  The next time I write an article (which will be very soon – I promise) I will post links where you can learn about islam.

Do NOT be fooled by people who say it is racist to be anti-islam!  For one thing, it isn’t a race, and for another, refuse to let anyone intimidate you and say that it is ‘insensitive to the good muslims”.  Where was their voice after 9/11?  Why do they continue to follow a ‘religion’ which promotes violence, tyranny, mysogyny and pedophilia?  “RELIGION OF PEACE” MY ASS!

Stop worrying about the appeasment of muslims.  They have been appeased for far too long!  As my hero, Geert Wilders says “The time has come to be intolerant to the intolerant”.  Read the quran for yourselves.  Teach yourself and study well, because the future of our country depends on it.  You may only be a drop in the ocean, as am I, but every drop creates a ripple, and every ripple a wave.

Some things I advise you to watch on my Youtube channel:

Fitna, Geert Wilders short film about islam.

Geert Wilders Warning to America (and in fact, all of his videos)

Pat Condell’s videos

Actually, I honestly think you should watch all of the videos I have posted

I bid you all good night.  I am exhausted, but satisfied that my time has been well spent reading and learning and seeking to bring about enlightenment to those who are in darkness, where the left wants you.  Upon my return I will be armed with links and tons of information and I promise to my absolute best to inform you and make you an expert on islam, as I am seeking to do myself.  I will pass along everything I learn to you, my beloved readers.