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Is The End Closer Than We Thought?

Posted in Anti-Islamic Politics with tags , , , , , , , on November 4, 2011 by julietsm

Dear Readers,

So much has changed since the last time I posted an entry it’s ridiculous; or perhaps it’s that so much has come to light.  We can use Europe as an example of what is in store for us.  I have made much of the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda, but for good reason.  All of the terrorist front groups in the US, unindicted coconspiritors from the Holy Land Foundation trial (the government said they did not have the resources to convict them all, even though it’s a proven fact that every single one of them (except CAIR, since it had not yet been born) were guilty of financing the 9/11 attack.  Now doesn’t that sound fishy to you?  The most extreme case of terrorism in our history, and the government cannot be bothered to go for a conviction?  Not only have they not gone for a conviction of these groups, but they have actively been supporting them.  Remember when Holder was unable to say that islam was responsible for acts of terrorism?

Here is something I recently concluded.  Why would the usurper have such a patently obvious forgery of his ‘birth certificate’ made and then present it to the American people?  I will tell you why.  HE WAS GIVING AMERICA THE FINGER.  Yes, it was his way of saying “And so?  What are YOU going to do about it?  I AM ABOVE THE LAW.”  And indeed he has been.  Why do you think that is?  I have a theory, and if you really think about it you will realise that it must be true.  THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND ALL OF IT’S SPINOFF’S HAVE BEEN THREATENING PEOPLE’S LIVES AND THE LIVES OF THEIR FAMILIES.  Nothing else makes any sense.  We took away the House from the usurper during Midterms, and yet what has changed?  We hear constantly that he “bypassed Congress again”, we hear of him doing highly illegal things, he appoints our sworn enemies (The MB has sworn they will destroy ‘our miserable house’ from WITHIN) to highly sensitive positions like Homeland Security.  And here is something that should make you suspicious and frightened: he has been quietly and secretly disarming us nuclearly.

Recently Pamela Geller was slated to speak at the Sugarland Hyatt Hotel in Texas, and at the last minute she was told ‘forget it’, basically.  Yet the Sugarland Hyatt has hosted terrorists speaking at their Hotel, and I mean some seriously OBVIOUS enemies who didn’t bother to even hide or sugar-coat their aims.  These videos can be found on Youtube…  Why do you suppose they allowed that?  Again, it’s my belief they have been threatened.  I think I am danger for merely writing this and posting it on the internet.  Those FEMA camps are looking more and more like Concentration Camps.  I used to laugh at people who thought there was something evil behind the FEMA camps.  I figured, like many others, that they were merely in place in case of a natural disaster.  There has to be a way to get rid of all those corpses; right?  But not anymore…  I am firmly convinced that the first people they will want to get rid of are the senior citizens, Christians and Jews who refuse to convert or submit to islam, and all Buddhists, Hindus, anyone the muslims deem not to be ‘people of the book’.  They will want, however, our youth.  Beautiful girls and boys will be used for sodomy, the rest will be used for slave labour.  Trust me, after the jizyah (extortion money) is paid, people will scarcely have enough to eat…  They will look like ambulatory skeletons.  If you think I am making this up, there are several sources where you can discover the truth for yourself.  The most obvious place to find the truth are in the sunna, hadiths, and quran.  Muslims are the original nazis, and anyone who calls ME a fascist is ignorant of the facts and has not read these sources for themselves.  The reason you believe as you do is because you figure that nobody would allow anything ‘bad’ to happen to the US, but we can thank Carter, Clinton, Bush, and to the largest degree the usurper himself.  He actually has a database of everyone who mentions his name online and clearly I am on it, especially because of the company I keep…  If I should disappear suddenly, there is a good chance that I have been taken out.  Am I being paranoid?  Absolutely not.

Did you know that Europe has, for the most part, made criticism of islam a criminal offense?  It doesn’t matter if it’s true; if it offends muslims it is a CRIME.  In Britain you can get a seven-year stretch in prison for ‘insulting islam’.  THEY HAVE BLASPHEMY LAWS!  Did you know that Norway has decided to live under sharia?  Not the people of course, but the government has decided for them.  You would not believe how horrible the conditions in Norway are.

Here is another interesting fact: they are teaching islam to our children in the public schools.  Academia has been taken over by islam, one of MB’s aims…  The usurper has destroyed our economy, one of the MB’s aims.  He has weakened our military, ONE OF THE MB’S AIM’S.  Are you beginning to see a pattern here?  Anyone with a lick of sense would never want to live under sharia; but people appear to support it because they have been INTIMIDATED BY THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.  Google: Muslims tell DOJ: Find a way to make insulting islam a criminal offense.  Here is something which should horrify you: the American Psychiatric Association is trying to get paedophilia taken off the list of abberent behaviour and out of the DSM.  Why on earth would they do that?  THEY ARE PAVING THE WAY FOR ISLAM AND SHARIA, because paedophilia is a common practice in the islamic ‘faith’.  (IT ISN’T A RELIGION, IT’S A FASCIST, TOTALITARIAN POLITICAL SYSTEM.)  Here is a quick check you can make to decide whether or not you would like to live under sharia: ask yourself if you would like to live in an islamic country, where men marry babies if they so desire and ‘thight’ them (they use the thighs for friction on the penis, they use the baby for a masturbation tool, where little girls including toddlers are sodomised, where mohammad is considered to be ‘the perfect man’ when he was a mass-murderer, a paedophile, a hater of women, who said allah approved warring on other people’s until the entire world says “There is no god but allah and mohammad is his messenger” and taking their women and children as ‘war booty’, where women are not allowed to go out without a man escorting them, (nor can they drive a car) where women are forced to wear a burqa, where women are regularly raped and beaten by their husbands, where every Friday there are stonings and amputations, where first cousins regularly marry, where the preferable way of having sex by men is sodomy since they believe that having sex with little boys is the most desirable kind of sex, and where little girls have their clitoris carved out with a razor blade and their vaginas sewn shut, leaving only a tiny hole through which they urinate and have sex.  IS THIS THE WAY YOU WANT TO LIVE? IS THIS THE FUTURE YOU WANT FOR YOUR CHILDREN?  Am I really a ‘hater’ because I am sounding the alarm and begging people to learn the truth for themselves about islam?  Why don’t you check out Ann Barnhardt’s videos about muslim sexuality on Youtube?  Did you know that the American Pediatric Society ‘nicks’ the clitoris of baby muslim girls regularly?  They are preparing them for Female Genital Mutilation, and if you think they are anesthetised whilst undergoing FGM watch any number of videos where they actually show little girls undergoing this horrific ordeal.

This is all coming about faster than anyone could have guessed because the usurper is stepping up his game.  He has to, he knows that his days are numbered.  Btw, check out the video ‘Is [the usurper] a Saudi Plant by Avi Lipkin on Youtube.  You are going to be horrified by what you find there.

Like I said, if you doubt my voracity and think I am a bigot, a hater, and a fascist because I am anti-islam, read the sunna, hadiths, and quran.  Better yet, go to  It will be a whole lot easier to discover the truth there, (reading the sunna, hadiths, and quran is a tall order) and he quotes all of these source materials which can be checked if you doubt his voracity.

The one thing we have going for us is the fact that there are 80 million gun owners who belong to the NRA.  Our forefathers knew that what is happening would happen eventually, and they did not want the people to be unarmed and unable to put a stop to it.  There are also the Oathkeepers, whose website you can check out for yourself.  There are a number of militias across the country.  America is not going to fold without a fight.  But make no mistake, there is going to be blood running in the streets.  Many will die.  We will not be able to easily get out of this and you know why?  Because millions of Americans call people like me a ‘fascist, bigot, racist, and hater’.  They call me these without realising the truth that it is the muslims who are the fascists, bigots, racists, and haters.  They support islam, even bringing imams into their churches and synagogues to ‘teach’ people about islam.  Taqiyya is an islamic duty to lie to further islamic expansion, so do you think they are going to tell you what their true goals are?  At any rate, Jesus warned us again and again about false religions, so Christians who do this are not real Christians in my opinion.  HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT?  And how can you expose your congregation to something which is deadly and bent on destroying us?

The muslims will never rest until the entire world is under an islamic caliphate, sharia enforced on EVERYONE.

Ask yourself, “Is that what I really want?”  Is this the future you want for your children?  Trust me, we are in grave danger but I have changed my timetable considerably since I know that the usurper is bringing tens of thousands of HAMAS operatives here.  Things are going to begin happening very quickly.