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Line in the Sand

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , on February 5, 2009 by julietsm
The enemy is alive and well and wants to make our lives miserable.

The enemy is alive and well and wants to make our lives miserable.

I had every intention for my first entry into my Weblog to be something fun and interesting.  This may be of interest to you, and most particularly if you are  Christian, but then again there is an ancient Chinese curse:  “May you live in interesting times”.  I would say these are pretty interesting times.
To truly understand why I am so troubled, you have to understand a few things, so bear with me as I take you back to a year ago.
After several personal problems, the icing on the cake was a motorscooter accident which left me in pretty bad shape, and I was looking at a recovery period of several months.  The irony is that I had just recovered from another accident not too long before, a very serious accident wherein I was thrown from the car when the door popped open, and I was run over by an oncoming vehicle.  That recovery period was rather lengthy, and left me permanently disabled.  At any rate, having another accident was a bit much.  However, being a Christian, I figured that I was very blessed to be alive and still walking in view of the severity of the injuries I had sustained.
As I sat at home day after day, I began to watch videos at Youtube, reliving a happier time full of parties and nightclubs and, unfortunately, sin.  I felt a bit guilty watching videos, but for some reason I felt there was a reason for me to be on Youtube.  I soon found my answer when it came to my attention that there is a huge all-out war raging there between those who believe in God and more specifically, Christians, and atheists and satanists and pagans of every stripe.  The first thing that amazed me was the language used against the Christians, words like “fucktard” and the like.  I mean, every comment was pretty much like the one that preceded it: “you are a moron for believing in fairy tales”,  and “how can you claim to love  God when he doesn’t exist”.  The thing that struck me was that these people did not merely just “not believe” like they claimed to.  Oh they beleived all right, they just hated us and despised us and loathed us for loving Christ.  Sure, sure, they denied it: “how can I hate something I know doesn’t exist.  Fucktard”.  For people who claimed not to believe, they sure were hostile towards us, and when I say hostile it is a huge understatement.
For months I have been a part of the Christian community at Youtube, trying to share the gospel and being  met with hatred and hostility wherever I go.  I had some atheist friends who didn’t understand my vehemence about the Lord, nor did they understand why I would put myself in a position to be laughed at or maligned in any way.  Those of you who are reading this are, no doubt, Christian and so understand why.
Last night, something happened which went beyond the limit, and I decided this was it.  I am drawing a line in the sand and saying “this far and no further”.  You see, I was commenting at a video about scientists presenting proof that evolotion is not the truth.  I really thought nothing of it and left a comment, which I do not remember exactly, but it was nothing out of the ordinary.  Usually I comment about my faith in God and the fact that He is knowable for those who are genuinely seeking the truth.  A man with the username “Surathan” told me to “stick my Bible up my ass, right next to my head”.  Nice.  I decided not to comment there anymore.  I also noticed that he was attempting to post comments at my channel, which is closed to the public.  A person can only comment there if they have approval, but my friend’s posts automatically go up.  I have two channels at Youtube, so I was switching back and forth between the two.  I noticed that this guy was being very persistent, no matter that I continued to delete his comments, he continued to make the attempt.  I noticed that he had responded to a comment that I had made earlier, and so when I went to read it I was chilled to the bone.  Here, as posted by the man with the username Surathan, is the comment he posted in its entirety:
Remember “god” when I am raping you.
Remember “god” when I am killing you.
But most of all
Remember “god” as I peel you skin off you as you draw your last breath.
Now, at first I didn’t know what to think.  I didn’t know if this man was just trying to be as shocking as possible, or if he was truly as sick as the comment made him appear.  After spending hours discussing this matter with friends, I decided that this was it.  Line in the sand.  This far and no further and HE HAD CROSSED IT.
I called the police, and they referred me to the FBI Cybercrimes division.  I had an appointment to speak with some agents the following day.  Interestingly, the comment was no longer there as of sometime late last night.  However, there are still other disturbing posts about me that he made there.  If you visit my channel, I will refer you to the video in question.
Christians, I believe that we have turned the other cheek so much that our cheeks are more than sore: they are bloodied and bruised beyond recognition.  However, a threat like this could and should be taken seriously because after all, we do not know who the person is who is making the threat.  In the future, anyone who threatens me in this manner is in for a surprise.  I was told by the FBI that these are criminal acts, make no mistake.  Bad enough that they slander us and call us all kinds of offensive things, but threatening a person in this manner is CRIMINAL, and we, as good citizens, must report it if this happens.
I am not running away from Youtube.  I have no intention of allowing this person to bother me anymore.  However, I assure you that if he should ever again say anything remotely threatening in nature, I am calling the FBI stat.    I think you all have the resposibility to do the same.  Should this happen to you, do not hesitate to call the local police, and they will give you the phone number of the local branch of the FBI.
Report it.
Do not allow these aggresive and nasty people the upper hand. We are in a war, ladies and gentlemen, a war whose outcome we already know.
But that doesn’t mean that we should allow people to cross the line in the sand.